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January 19, 2017
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January 29, 2017
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5 Reasons to Spend This Sunday Napping

Who doesn’t love a good nap – seriously? There probably isn’t a better feeling in the world than laying down on Sunday afternoon to sink your head into the warm, fluffy pillows and blankets on your brand new mattress. It’s Sunday – it’s time for “you-time.”

Spend this Sunday taking a nap. You’ll thank us. Here are a few reasons why it’s ok to take that Sunday nap:

  • It’s not a workday! You’re not expected to answer your work emails today, or any emails for that matter. Give your body the luxurious rest it has been dreaming of all week.
  • Catch up on the sleep you missed last night. Chances are you were out decently late because it’s Saturday, and everyone loves to grab one drink too many. Today is Sunday, and because it’s Sunday, you can lay down for that 2-hour forbidden nap. We give our approval.
  • Why cook when there’s takeout? Sunday is a perfect day to order-in and forget about that weekly regimented diet you follow each day. Sundays are for lounging, so lounge your way over to the telephone and order some Chinese food. While you wait, nap.
  • Your body will thank you tomorrow. You miss 100% of the naps you don’t take. When it’s Monday, and you’re sad the weekend is 4 days away, remember the glorious nap you took Sunday afternoon. It’ll make you smile.
  • You won’t hate yourself late Sunday night when it’s midnight and you’re still watching football. Everyone tries to prolong the inevitable Monday morning. If you nap Sunday afternoon, you’ll feel less guilty about stalking Instagram feeds at 1AM (it’s ok, we’ve all been there).

Convinced it’s time to treat yourself to a long, warm nappy this Sunday? Your mattress is waiting for you – give it the love it deserves.

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