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March 11, 2017
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5 Tips For Sleeping in Comfort this Summer

We look forward to summertime all winter. By this time of the year, the lack of sunlight and outdoor activity options gets pretty tiresome. But, with summer comes unbearable heat waves, and less than ideal sleeping conditions for achieving restful, cooled sleep every night. Our bodies sleep better in cooled, calmed environments, so here are 5 tips for sleeping in comfort this summer:

  1. Closed Blinds

Letting the sunshine into your room all day is a very easy way to warm it up to unnatural temperatures. Naturally, if you block the sunlight out of you room, it’s less likely to heat up into a hot box throughout the course of the afternoon.

  1. Open windows

While your blinds are closed, it’s ok to open your windows and let in any breezes available outside. Depending where you live, it probably cools off into the 60s at night, which is a perfectly acceptable slumber temperature.

  1. Air Conditioning

Hands-down the easiest fix, AC units are the fastest way to having complete control over the temperature in your room. It’s worth buying one to shove in your window so you can count on dependable sleep throughout the summer.

  1. Mattress Breathability

Mattresses over 8 years old were not developed with breathability in mind. Today, with the technology at our fingertips, we’re able to manufacture mattresses that disperse the body heat coming off of you in the night.

  1. Cooling Pillows

Yes, such things exist. They contain a layer of cooling gel to help dissipate your body heat and keep your head cool throughout the night. It’s a very easy way to keep your forehead from overheating while you toss and turn from the hot temperatures.

Feeling a little better about the impending weather? Embrace this summer with open arms using these 5 sleeping tips.

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