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6 Ways to Make Yourself a Morning Person

Studies show, according to The Body Clock Guide to Better Health, that only 1 in 10 people is a true morning person. This same study shows, however, that only 2 in 10 people fall into the category of true night owls, while the rest are left floating somewhere in between. Chances are, you fall into the majority category, which means you, too, can become a morning person (even the night owls can as well).

Here are 6 ways to make yourself a morning person today:

1. Sleep schedules
Our bodies need predictable times to fall asleep every night. If you know you have an early morning coming in a week, adjust your bedtime by 15 minutes each night for gradual sleep schedule shifting.

2. Block off time before sleep
It’s ok to say no to engagements. You need at least an hour before sleeping to wind down without your phone in your hand. You don’t need to be everywhere, all of the time.

3. Nap with caution
Napping is a glorious activity, but one that can seriously harm our sleep cycles. Though naps are a necessary evil sometimes, avoid them when possible and stick to your schedule.

4. Eat far before sleep
Going to bed too full or too hungry can create a discomfort during the night that will wake you. Be sure to eat your full dinner meal at least 3 hours before going to bed.

5. Power down
It’s time to put down the electronics – that means TV, phones, and laptops. Electronics stimulate the visual parts of our brain, and makes it hard to go to sleep right away.

6. Quality mattress
Treat yourself to a firm, quality mattress that supports your back and spine throughout the night. You’ll be able to achieve a long-lasting, fuller sleep.

The list goes on. Follow these 6 steps for noticeable results today.

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