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March 20, 2017
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Ensuring Good Sleep With Acid Reflux Problems

Close to 60% of adults in the United States experience acid reflux related symptoms every single year. Of that 60%, 20-30% experience chronic reflux-related discomforts, making it a serious occurrence millions need to learn to live with – and sleep with.

Acid reflux is the pushing of the acid in the stomach up the esophagus, past the sphincter that was supposed to keep it down. As a result, an incredibly painful and unnatural burning feeling afflicts the person, causing bad breath, cramping, and even vomiting. It’s brought on by spicy foods, fatting foods, acids like wine, citrus, chocolate, carbonated beverages, and a variety of other non-healthy foods. Eating big, acid-filled meals right before bed and lying down is the number one way to set that acid reflux on fire.

As a result, individuals across the country need to make an investment in a sleeping environment that helps to remediate acid reflux – not contribute to it. Some people are just plain prone to reflux, which makes it an everyday demon they have to assuage themselves.

Changing your sleeping position is the simplest way to do something about acid reflux at night. Unfortunately, just dropping a pillow below your head isn’t going to do the trick. Your entire upper body needs to sleep at a slant to keep the acid out of your esophagus. A sustainable adjustable mattress option at Rest Right Mattress includes the Glideaway Elevation Adjustable .  Bedframe that will provide you with many elevation options to suit your reflux.

After sleeping at an elevation for multiple nights, you’ll notice a lessening of the burning sensation when you lay down to sleep. As a result, the restfulness and comfort of your sleep is going to improve tenfold – and, you’ll feel better, too.

Consider making a sleeping environment shift to alleviate your reflux this month.

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