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Adjustable Bed with Massage Function – Leads to More Than You Think!

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Adjustable Bed with Massage Function

Leads to More Than You Think!

Getting an adjustable bed with massage function in bed is no doubt an intimate experience.  If you think about it though, massage is an intimate experience no matter where it takes place.  Making an appointment for massage leads you to an office where a stranger places their skilled hands on your body to impress on you the benefits of massage.  Some people just don’t like the idea of a stranger touching them or being in a venerable state of dress outside of their home.  While there are many studies out there citing the potential benefits of massage, for many people getting a massage is a rare treat.  Time restraints keep some from finding a therapist, scheduling an appointment and following through with that appointment.  Some people think of an adjustable bed with massage function as a luxury.  Massage is a luxury, but one that is necessary and can be beneficial for your sleep and for your health.


Medical Benefits of Adjustable bed with Massage Function

No matter what your reasoning is, massage can be justified by the loads of research that has been done and published, boasting the benefits.  The Mayo Clinic notes massage may be beneficial for people with headaches, anxiety, digestive disorders, joint pain and more.  There are several studies that have been conducted that are pointing to medical benefits of massage and more research is in progress to confirm what all massage can improve.  So far, the news is looking good for those who can take the time to make themselves a priority and get a massage.

Now, maybe seeing a massage therapist is just not your scene, it is completely understandable.  The benefits of massage are not necessarily limited to manual massages.  Mechanical massages, or massages done by a device, can have similar effects on your body.  The American Massage Therapy Association cites that sleep issues affect as many as seventy million Americans and that sleep can be improved by massage for many people, including teens, the elderly, those with pain and those with insomnia.

With the link to sleep improvement by massage, it is no wonder that adjustable bed bases now include more massage functions than ever.  Many models provide customizable massage, meaning you can adjust the type of massage and the intensity.  So now, your adjustable bed with massage function can do for you what a regular base cannot.  Pulsating vibration, full body, wave modes, and multiple levels of intensity are available in different adjustable bed bases so compare models to find one that offers up the traits that are most desirable to you.

Adjustable Bed with Massage Function Models

Rest Right Mattress has many adjustable bed options that allow users to get a massage at home, at their convenience, and without meeting a single stranger, let alone having them touch you.  Check out the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 for full body dual adjustable bed massage with wave.  The massage function on this particular adjustable bed model comes with four different levels of intensity which puts the power in your hands.  Adjustable bed massage waves can be adjusted for your comfort and enjoyment.  There are many adjustable beds with massage function available at Rest Right Mattress so you are sure to find one that is right for you.  Most adjustable beds are compatible with your existing mattress too.  Another option is the Reverie 8Q Adjustable Bed Foundation which has massage function featuring ten different levels of intensity plus three wave massage modes.  Fans of Ergomotion products will appreciate the adjustable bed massage function of the Ergomotion Softide 5100 which offers up six massage levels.  Total Body Vibration Sleep Enhancement Technology is available in the Glideaway Navigate 2.0 Comfort Base. This feature pulsates evenly, providing full body vibrations that can improve circulation, and that’s just the beginning.  This feature can also help people lower stress levels and increase the range of motion, among other benefits.  The benefits of adjustable bed massage are just part of the many aspects of an adjustable bed that are desirable.  Bluetooth capability, under-bed lighting, and adjustable positioning are just a few aspects of an adjustable bed that make it a great purchase.  An overview of available features, along with information on how to choose the right base for your particular needs (and wants!) can be found on the adjustable bed introductory page.

Picture Relaxing With Your Own Adjustable Bed

Now picture this…you get home from a long day, finish up all the things you have to do before bed, and then lay down on your mattress that sits upon a high quality adjustable bed base.  It is beautiful and luxurious.  It is classy.  The under-bed lighting is lit up, providing a soft glow.  You adjust your bed to a position that is comfortable and conducive to sleep using the app on your smartphone or a remote.  Then, with the touch of a button you are able to experience a full body massage, which eases away the stress of your day just before you drift off to sleep.  The massage function shuts off to a timer after you fall asleep.

It’s a nice picture, isn’t it?  This can be your reality.  Eliminate the thinking that massage can only be experienced once in a great while.  Replace that thinking with the knowledge that you can have what you deserve, a massage anytime that you want one.  Make the choice to put yourself first and start receiving the benefits of massage and the overall perks of owning an adjustable bed.  It is as easy as visiting and picking out the model that has the features that best suit your needs.

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