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February 28, 2018
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Mantua Rize Bed Dealer

Rest Right Mattress is an authorized Mantua Rize Bed Dealer that goes beyond simply selling.  You get more than great prices when you shop this Mantua Rize Bed Dealer.  You get a breakdown of each Rize adjustable bed including its features.  We make the search for an ideal base easier by outlining what makes these Rize models different from one another.  Rest Right Mattress is a Mantua Rize Bed Dealer that provides resources to consumers.  Because we give you complete information about these products as well as others, you can identify which adjustable bed will meet your particular needs best.

Mantua Manufacturing Company

A Mantua Rize Retailer is basically a Rize Adjustable Bed Dealer.  That’s because Mantua Manufacturing Company is the manufacturer of Rize adjustable beds.  In business for over sixty years, Mantua Manufacturing Company knows a thing or two about developing adjustable beds.  They use quality, environmentally conscious materials to construct durable bed frames.  This manufacturer has also built upon popular features with exclusive aspects such as the Lounge position.  These are just a few reasons why Rest Right Mattress is pleased to be a Mantua Rize Bed Dealer.

Rize Adjustable Beds

Chances are if you are looking for Rize Adjustable Bed Dealers, you already know these bed bases have something great to offer.  At Rest Right Mattress, we offer several Rize adjustable beds.  Each has a unique combination of features to accommodate comfortably.  Some of these models, such as the Rize Contemporary ii adjustable bed, are loaded with features.  This bed for instance has under bed lighting, pillow tilt, massage, wall glide and more.  While uncommon to see on an adjustable bed, the Rize Contemporary ii has A/C power outlets.  It also comes with a Lounge pre-set that works to reduce back pain by releasing the foot section to fall below flat.  Other Rize adjustable beds, such as the Rize Clarity, have fewer features and as such come at a lower price point.

Rest Right Mattress

As a Mantua Rize Online Retailer, Rest Right Mattress does its best to meet your shopping needs.  We understand that there are many choices to make as far as adjustable bed features go.  That’s why we try our best to lay it all out with easy to follow product descriptions and photos.  If you ever have any questions, you can call this Rize Adjustable Bed Dealer.  The person who answers is trained on these products and will be able to help.  Rest Right Mattress is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we’ll treat you like family throughout the entire process.



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