California King Mattress Dimensions & Measurements

California King Mattress Dimensions (72” W. x 84” L.)

The California King mattress dimensions measure at 72 inches wide by 84 inches in length. These measurements are more narrow, yet longer than a King size mattress. Due to this length the California King if often found in the master bedroom of a household. The California King can be a perfect size bed for those who are taller or have pets that sleep by their feet at night. Instead of kicking the cat off the bed each night, there can be a space to comfortably fit you and your pet. When buying a California King mattress you want to be sure you have enough space in the room it will accompany. The California King mattress dimensions are the largest of all the 5 major mattress sizes. Of course, this also means it can be a bit more pricey than a different mattress of a smaller size. It is always safe to know the facts before investing in a mattress. Listed below are a few pros and cons that may be helpful to your search for the right mattress.


  • The California King has a large length. Making it very comfortable for those who are taller or have pets that like to sleep at their feet (as mentioned above).
  • The California King mattress dimensions allow a great sleeping arrangement for couples who like to sleep closer together.


  • The California King takes up a large amount of space in a bedroom. Be sure to measure the amount of space you have for a bed before buying a mattress.
  • The California King is not a rare mattress to find.  It can be hard to find proper bedding and sheets to fit. Keep in mind the bedding for such a large mattress can be found, but not as cheap as a smaller mattress such as the Twin.

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