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What is the Difference Between Organic Cotton and Cotton?
March 18, 2018
king size latex mattress
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March 30, 2018
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Customizable Latex Mattress-Great Option for Two People

customizable latex mattress

Customizable Latex Mattress

Go beyond comfort with a customizable latex mattress that caters towards the sleep needs of you and your sleep partner.  This single mattress can appease the differing needs of two people by incorporating layers of adjustable firmness within the mattress.  Rest Right Mattress has two different kinds of customizable latex mattress.  You can choose an all natural latex mattress or an all organic latex mattress.  Both types give you control over how soft medium or firm your mattress is.  Both types are manufactured utilizing a process that yields durable Dunlop latex.  Deciding what other aspects of a mattress are important to you will help you choose which is better for you.  For example, if you have a deep concern for the environment, you might be inclined to choose organic mattresses.  They come with a slightly higher monetary cost but buying organic has its perks too.  Either selection will afford you a number of beneficial aspects because latex mattresses naturally offer advantages.  Some of these include moisture absorption and temperature regulation, just to name a few.


What is ILD for a Customizable Latex Mattress?

ILD numbers on your customizable latex mattress identify the Impression Load Deflection in pounds for each layer.  The ILD represents a universal grading system for firmness.  It helps consumers to be informed when comparing different models.  When two mattresses have the same ILD, a potential buyer can presume that both will provide similar firmness.  With the iAdjust All-Natural Latex Mattress you get three layers of natural latex.  Each layer has its own ILD number because each has a differing level of firm.  The soft latex layer for this particular mattress has an ILD grade of 19-22.  This translates to the fact that it takes between 19 and 22 pounds of pressure to meet ILD.  That’s the weight needed to create an inch indentation into a four inch layer of this foam.  On this customizable latex mattress the medium latex layer has an Impression Load Deflection point at between 30 and 32 pounds.  The firmest latex layer has a 37-40 rating.  It would take much more weight to cause the indention in the firm latex layer than the softest layer.


Each Layer is 3 Inches of Latex from iAdjustcustomizable latex mattress layers

Three layers come with the iAdjust All-Natural or the iAdjust All Organic Latex mattress.  Each latex foam layer is three inches thick. These layers are essential to be able to build your perfect sleep support system.  As the years pass you might notice that your support preferences change.  That’s because our bodies change as we age.  Sometimes we change due to reasons besides age as well, such as injury or pregnancy.  A customizable latex mattress can last many years so having the ability to adjust the firmness is a desirable feature.  When your firmness favorite changes, it can prevent you from having to feel stuck in a bed that no longer meets your needs.  With the three layers that you get on these mattresses, you are able to switch around the layers as needed.  The customizable latex mattress also provides a solution for those who might not be sure what they like best. Because it is so simple to change the layers around, you can do so every night until you are able to situate it just right.


Arrange Latex Mattress to Soft

The softest support on either customizable latex mattress can be achieved by arranging the layers.  When you want a softer feel, you simply arrange the layers with the soft layer on top, medium layer in the middle and the firmest layer on the bottom.  If this proves to be too soft, you can easily re-stack the comfort layers until you have reached a satisfactory measure of firm.  The arrangements provided in this article are meant more so as a guide.  You have total control over the lay out.  Your customizable latex mattress is in fact yours and customizable.  The power to get comfortable is in your hands.

  • Soft Layer
  • Medium Layer
  • Firm Layer

Arrange Latex Mattress to Medium

For those preferring a medium standard of support, a customizable latex mattress can be manipulated to provide just that.  To attain a medium firmness, order layers as follows.  It makes sense that the medium layer be the top layer.  Under that, place the soft layer.  Then use the firm layer as a foundation for the others by placing it below them.  If you don’t sleep on your side, your stomach or your back every single night, you might try a medium setup.  This firmness style is a good neutral support system that works well for inconsistent sleep positioning.

  • Medium Layer
  • Soft Layer
  • Firm Layer

Arrange Latex Mattress to Firm

Firm support is easily accomplished with a customizable latex mattress.  For this option you will actually organize the layers with soft on bottom.  Atop the soft layer, the medium layer will sit.  The firm layer will be the uppermost layer in the arrangement.  Those who sleep on their stomachs might try this one first as it is popular among stomach sleepers.  There isn’t actually a comfort guarantee that ensures all stomach sleepers will prefer a specific level of firmness.  Not all side sleepers will want a soft bed either.  However, the customizable latex mattress does provide a sort of one size fits all solution.  It does this by being a mattress that can be altered to everyone’s preferred selection.

  • Firm Layer
  • Medium Layer
  • Soft Layer

The Customizable Latex Mattress Can Personalize Each Side Split KingCustomizable latex mattress Organic

With a King size customizable latex mattress, you still get the three different comfort layers.  However, each layer is split so there is actually six pieces.  All six pieces come with their own cover too.  There are really two different benefits that result from having the additional pieces.  First and foremost, when two people share the bed, each person can adjust the layers to their own individual liking.  Two unique people can now share the same bed and both get comfortable sleep.  That’s because both people have control over their own side!  The second aspect that makes having six better than three is that there are more possibilities.  Side one can utilize multiple soft layers and no firm layer.  Side two can take advantage of having two firm layers and no soft.  Multiple combinations are possible!  The outcome? Both people who sleep on the same customizable latex mattress are able to reach a supreme personalized level of comfort.  That comfort will help you both get a restful night’s sleep.

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