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Ergomotion Essence Comfort and Convenience Adjustable Bed Base

Ergomotion Essences adjustable bed

Ergomotion Essence Adjustable Bed

Sleep in important for your well being and being productive. When one sleeps at night, the body will heal damaged cells, boost immune systems, and recharge the heart for the next day. Ergomotion Essence adjustable bed will help with such issues and provide comfort and convenience in the privacy of your home.

Ergomotion Essence is built to last with great aesthetics. Are you one that wants a quliaty product, and needs some basic features? The Essence is a great choice for someone that is looking for a heavy duty adjustable bed with basic features and some extras. The one touch flat button is great extra without breaking the pocket book.  With this feature, by a simply touch of a button, it lowers the bed to the flat position. Another great feature is the 3-in-1 leg height adjustments. The 3-in-1 legs allows the height of the adjustable bed to change three different height. This is a great feature for one that has a taller mattress and later wants a shorter mattress to align with the frame.

Another great extra is the power outage protection. Let face it, we all have been in a power outage. Many household items can be damage from such outage. You can rest assure knowing that the Ergomotion Essence comes standard with the power outage protection. Thus, protecting your investment to the next level.

As for the power lifting system itself, it has head and foot motors that gradually increase in power when activated, providing the sleeper with a quiet, seamless transition in-between positioning, careful to not wake the other partner.

With great design and features, the Ergomotion Essence is a great choice to provide health benefits and luxury to your home. Let not forget, it comes with a great warranty and a company that stands behind their products. The Ergomotion Essence is an excellent choice for any individual!

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