Full Size Mattress Dimensions & Measurements: Width & Length

Full Size Mattress Dimensions (54” W. x 74” L.)

The full size mattress dimensions, are perfect for growing children and preteens. Often times the full size mattress dimensions fit one individual of a height equal to or less than 65 inches. The Double mattress is 17 inches wider than a Twin mattress. Thus, making it a reasonable size to have a visitor every now and again, but not large enough to fit a adult couple comfortably each night. The full size mattress dimensions are large enough to suit the needs and fit a growing child. Yet, the mattress does not take up an incredible amount of room space, like the King and California King would. When selecting a mattress for your child it is important to check their height against the mattress dimensions. It also may be helpful to look at some pros and cons of the mattress you are interested in purchasing. Below are some of the full size mattress pros and cons.


  • The full size mattress does not take up a large amount of room space.
  • This mattress comes in a variety of qualities, making it available to fit a wide range of budgets.
  • The full size mattress leaves enough space for the individual to stretch out across the bed, and also fit to the needs of their growing height.
  • The mattress is a great next step for those who are just outgrowing a Twin, or Twin XL.
  • When purchasing a mattress, the full size will in most cases be cheaper than a Queen or King. Making it the perfect size, and the cheaper mattress for one who is not expected to grow out of this size for a couple of years.



  • The full size mattress may be easily outgrown by teens. It could be more economical to upgrade to a larger mattress first instead of having to replace with another mattress later on.
  • The size of a full mattress is not suitable for more than one person on a regular basis.

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