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GOTS and GOLS Certified Mattress

GOTS and GOLS Certified Mattress

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Unlike food consumption in America today, mattress certification with regards to organic composition isn’t as easy to figure out. If you’re a health-conscious consumer wanting to sleep atop a mattress that is both organic and environmentally sustainable, finding a product that satisfies your organic requirements can be quite difficult.

To help you navigate the world of organic mattress certification, we’re going to quickly explain with GOLS and GOTS mean for products:

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)

Since the early 2000s, the Environmental Working Group developed the acronym GOTS that set a standard for organic textiles. Previously without any kind of industry regulation at all, GOTS was the first attempt at helping consumers classify their mattress purchases. In order to be GOTS certified today, materials and manufacturers need to pass an annual inspection. Our iAdjust mattress is one example of a product and manufacturing facility that is completely GOTS-certified.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards)

 After GOTS was founded, there was still no organic standard for latex foam. GOTS was unable to be applied to natural latex, because producing foam is an entirely different process from manufacturing textiles. With GOLS, a relatively new certification from the Control Union, latex now has an annual certification standard as well. For years, our iAdjust mattresses have earned the GOLS accreditation as well. Our natural latex passed the international standard, ensuring it’s of a high environmental and ecofriendly standard.

Overall, our iAdjust product is natural and organic in nature, and made from the internationally accredited Dunlop Latex foam. Our natural Dunlop Latex serum has been grown and harvested from its original Indian organic farm for years. We’re happy to collaborate with environmentally conscious manufacturers who are committed to our dream of total organic consumption.

Here at Rest Right Mattress, we’re proud to provide our customers with a selection of mattresses that are certified and high quality in nature, with organically sourced materials that ensure they are both good for you and the planet at the same time. Check out our iAdjust series today.


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