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September 22, 2016
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How an Adjustable Bed Can Cure Your Acid Reflux

Elevation comfort base adjustable bed

Elevation comfort base adjustable bed

How a mattress can cure your acid reflux

 Not everyone immediately thinks of their bed when they’re suffering from acid reflux and GERD-related discomfort. Acid reflux, the regurgitation of stomach acid and food into the esophagus for extended periods of time, is an irritating bodily phenomenon that affects millions of people every single year. The discomfort leads to a sustained burning sensation that can distract individuals from living their normal lives.

Gravity plays a huge part in controlling acid reflux, and that’s where elevated and adjustable beds come into the picture.

Elevated beds

 Whilst asleep, your body does not swallow nearly as much as it does while you’re awake. Swallowing is the best way to combat reflux and keep stomach contents where they belong. If you lay flat at night, regurgitation is able to seep its way up the esophagus and irritate the surrounding tissue.

With an elevated bed, however, individuals are able to use gravity to their advantage while they get in their much-needed rest after a long workday. By sleeping with your upper bod slightly elevated, your body will eventually be able to get in control of the unbearable sensation.

Control your acid reflux

 Though elevated beds can’t address the causes of acid reflux, like spicy food, stress, poor sleep, and anxiety, they can help to significantly remediate its effects on the body. If you’re someone who experiences a cough, pain, indigestion, and discomfort from acid reflux, you should seriously consider elevating your body and back while you sleep at night. Chronic acid reflux can lead to the permanent deterioration of the esophagus – and the procedure for fixing that isn’t a fun one.

Good news is: we carry mattresses and elevated bed products that will elevate your body to the perfect angle while you sleep at night.

by-Alexandra Fasulo

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