Information on Latex

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Bud Grafted Tress are Planted

Bud Grafted Trees are Planted
One hundred percent success in field establishment and uniform growth of the plants could be obtained by using young budding plants. Usually the immature period is 60 months under good management conditions.

5 Year Old Tress Selected for Tapping

5 Year Old tress selected for tapping
In a clearing when 70% of the tress have reached 50cm measured at 125cm from ground level/highest point of the union it could commence tapping.

5 year Old trees are Marked for Tapping

5 Year old trees are marked for tapping
The tapping cut should be marked using a stencil for harvesters to achieve correct angle and length of cut and also to achieve correct bark consumption. As the latex vessels run at an angle of 2.5-70 degrees to the vertical in an anti clockwise manner, a greater number of latex vessels is cut and a greater yield is obtained when cuts are made at 30 degrees to the horizontal sloping from high left to low right.

Year of Tapping

Year of Tapping
The continuous excision method of tapping developed by Ridley is used to exploit rubber trees for latex. During tapping the original cut is systematically reopened by the removal of a thin shaving of bark from the sloping cut. The special knife used cuts a shallow channel along which the latex flows to a collecting vessel.