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Is A Split King The Same As Two Twins? We Have Your Answer!

is a split king the same as two twins

Is A Split King The Same As Two Twins?

The answer is “no”.  A Split King Adjustable Bed is two Twin XL bases not two Twins.

is a split king the same as two twins

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Interested in knowing is a split king the same as two twins?  To understand the answer to this inquiry, you must learn a little about bed sizes and their dimensions.  At Rest Right Mattress, we offer a good variety of choices for mattresses, bed frames and bed bases.  Most of our products fall into size categories of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, King, Split King and Split California King.  As you can see there are more than one option for Twin size, the regular Twin and the Twin XL.  These mattresses or bases are actually quite different in dimensions.  Twin XL stands for Twin Extra Long.  You might guess, this bed is longer than the traditional Twin, approximately 6 inches longer in fact.  A Twin measures about 39 inches wide and 74 inches in length.  A Twin XL however, measures the same width wise but comes in at 80 inches long.  This is an important difference when we are talking about the makeup of a Split King.

Split King vs Split California King

To know is a split king the same as two twins, we need to refer back to the sizes of beds and mattresses offered by Rest Right Mattress.  You will note there are actually two different Split King sizes as well; the traditional Split-King and the California Split-King.  The Split-King and the California Split-King are unlike each other in size.  This means while they both require two bases, they will not be made up of the same size base.  When we ask is a split king the same as two twins in reference to the California King, it is not made up of two twin bases at all.

We Often Get The Question Is A Split King The Same As Two Twins?

Generally people wonder is a split king the same as two twins because of the specifications listed.  Many times, when customers view adjustable beds, a Split King adjustable bed is listed as two bases.  Actually though, this is slightly confusing since there is more than one type of Twin.  A Split King measures 80 inches in length and approximately 76 inches wide.  Regular Twin size mattresses fall short at 74 inches in length so they would need to be 6 inches longer to work in a Split King base.  This is where the Twin XL mattress/bed comes in.  Traditional Split King Beds are made up of two Twin XL bases side by side.  The two pieces come together to create one King Size bed.  This allows each side of the bed to be moved independently but ultimately provides one large bed for space purposes.  In a way, the answer to is a split king the same as two twins is complicated.  For purposes of matching a mattress to an adjustable base, it depends on what type of split king and what type of twin.

Is the Split King The Same As Two Twins When It Comes To The Mattresses?

The answer is “no”.  A Split King mattress is two Twin XL mattresses not two Twins.

So is a split king the same as two twins when it comes to purchasing mattresses for your split king adjustable bed?  The answer is no a Split King is two Twin XL bases.  If you have a Split King Adjustable Base, you would most likely want to purchase two Twin XL mattresses to set on top.   To keep there from being a gap between the two mattresses, the beds will be set up very close together.  Although it will be a snug fit, they will still be separate mattresses allowing for independent movement.  There are so many reasons one might prefer to have the Split King versus the traditional King Size Bed.  Some people prefer to sleep at different angles than their partner for comfort reasons and others due to health needs.  When you choose a Split King that is split vertically, this is possible.  It can also be synced together so that both sides move simultaneously as well.  So if both people sleeping in the bed tend to be comfortable in the same positions, they would want to sync the bed.  The split variety of beds also allow for easier movement through your home prior to setup.  Imagine the size of hallways and doorways needed to move a large King Size bed through.  Two Twin XL bases or mattresses instead translate to half the size and half the weight to carry at once.  This makes it much more flexible for smaller spaces along the way to the bedroom for setup. Two Twin XL mattresses will equal a King in this case.  However, there are many types of Split King Beds.  For example, is a split king the same as two twins if the split king is listed as a California King?  The answer here is no.  California king beds are even longer than a basic Split King.  The 80 inch long Split King is about four inches shorter than a California King bed.  So if you are looking for a mattress for a Split Cali-King bed, Twin and Twin XL mattresses will likely not work very well.

We Are Here To Help And Educate Others

Rest Right Mattress prides itself on educating buyers.  We want you to have all the information necessary to make the best decision when choosing a bedroom setup.  This is why we provide multiple resources for you in the Rest Right Mattress blog and product pages.  We answer questions like, “is a split king the same as two twins?” so that you are armed with all the answers you need before making your purchase.  Check out our blog to get the answers to questions that are frequently asked of Rest Right Mattress or give us a call.  Rest Right Mattress will always treat you like family.

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