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King Size Latex Mattress- We Have a Large Selections!

king size latex mattress

King Size Latex Mattress

What is a king size latex mattress made out of?  There is more than one type of latex mattress.  They can be constructed of 100% all natural latex, organic latex, or mixed.  A hybrid type is made of a mixture of latex and memory foam or other materials.  Rest Right Mattress has all three types.  Natural latex is the foundation for all three that we carry.  Natural latex foam is made from tropical trees called Hevea Brasiliensis.  Sap from these trees is harvested and minimally processed to create mattresses that are breathable and lasting.  Not all king size latex mattresses are made the same way.  Differences between each companies growing, harvesting and processing procedures produce differences in the final mattress.  There can even be differences between mattresses by the same brand.  Ultimately these differences are reflected in price.  Additionally, each mattress is built for different individual sleep preferences.  King size latex mattresses can be natural or synthetically produced as well.


What to look for in a king size latex mattress?

There are many characteristics to compare in a King size latex mattress.  Brand, price, material and size are just a few aspects of a latex mattress to consider.  The brand, or manufacturer, is the first impression.  We carry mattress brands that offer latex options.  Which you choose is dependent on whether you want an entirely natural latex mattress or a hybrid model. Our iAdjust mattresses come in three varieties; amenity, all-natural and all-organic.  Our Reverie mattresses are made with a combination of fibers and materials, including latex.  Both brands offer different types of latex mattresses as well as different features.  For example, some of the mattresses are made using the Dunlop method and some using Talalay.  Another thing to look at in a king size latex mattress is the price.  You can be confident when you purchase your king size latex mattress at Rest Right Mattress.  That’s because we have great prices on the great sleep products that you want.  After you know which items you are interested in, give us a call.  In some cases we can offer an even lower price over the phone.

iAdjust Company

For many years there wasn’t a true 100% all-natural or organic king size latex mattress available in the marketplace.  The iAdjust company wanted to change that.  They did so with the production of the iAdjust All-Natural Latex Mattress and the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress.  Both of these mattresses were designed and constructed using latex throughout the mattress.  The company has been around now for three generations.   They not only develop these mattresses, they also take pride in the finished product.  A hallmark of these mattresses is a three layer comfort system.


iAdjust Customization

Customize your king size latex mattress using the iAdjust three layer comfort system to change the firmness.  By simply assembling the three layers in the desired order, you can change the mattress to be anywhere from soft to firm.  If you want a firm mattress, stack the layers with the firm layer on top followed by the medium and soft ones.  For a side sleeper, use the firmest layer as a base layer and top the stack with the softest layer.  A medium firm layer on top can be ideal for someone who moves around a lot as they sleep.  Those with inconsistent sleeping positions might prefer this setup as well.  Couples, who need a compromise due to different sleep preferences, might also try this arrangement.  However, the point of the three layers is that you can adjust them until you find the perfect mattress firmness.  This way you can address pressure points by changing the firmness.  The sections all come with a separate cover around them to protect them from any damage.  Then the mattress cover goes around them holding them in place and further protecting your investment.



Latex Process

A couple processes can create a King size latex mattress.  Which process is used depends on if the latex is natural, organic or synthetic.  iAdjust models use the Dunlop process which has been around for many, many years.  It involves extraction of the tree sap and the mechanical separation of the sediments within the sap.  To achieve this, a centrifuge container rapidly spins the sap with centrifugal force prior to molding and baking, removing impurities.  The end product is a durable Dunlop latex foam mattress that is made without added harmful chemicals.  Another process for manufacturing latex is the Talalay process.  It has been used almost as long as the Dunlop process.  However, the Talalay process includes the use of chemicals to vulcanize it after molding and freezing.  This way of processing leads to more consistent texture.  Talalay latex can be Oeko-Tex Certified.  That means it is tested to be sure any chemicals used in production meet emissions regulations that are in place to protect consumers.  Synthetic latex is foam made from petrochemicals.  As such, it can have an unpleasant scent and different feel when compared to natural latex.  Another drawback to synthetic latex is it tends to be insufficient when it comes to durability.



Prices on king size latex mattessking size latex mattress

For obvious reasons one type of King size latex mattress will cost more than others, the organic.  There are so many organizations involved in ensuring an organic mattress is truly organic.  Therefore there is more time and effort put into development of these mattresses leading to a higher production cost.  This mattress is a valid choice even with the slightly higher price tag.  That’s because the price comes with certainty that the mattress well exceeds the governmental regulations.  In terms of chemical usage, the organic model removes any concern from the equation.  A natural king size latex mattress costs less than the organic but more than synthetic latex beds.  Natural latex undergoes a harvesting process and development very similar to the organic.  It only lacks the more stringent standards and requirements of a certified organic mattress.




How soft or firm a King size latex mattress feels is measured by the ILD number.  ILD numbers, otherwise known as the Indentation Load Deflection rating, typically are listed as a range.  For the iAdjust adjustable three layer system, there are three separate ILD numbers, one for each layer.  The medium layer on this King size latex mattress has an ILD range of 30-32.  That’s really the number of pounds of pressure it would take to generate a 25% indentation in four inches.  The range for the softer layer is 19-22 and the range for the firm layer is 37-40.  Each of the layers in the iAdjust mattresses has a different density and therefore a different ILD.   The three layer system is integrated into all of the iAdjust models we carry, but it is not the same in all three.  The iAdjust Natural Latex Amenity has the system but not all the layers are natural latex.  Both of the all-natural and organic iAdjust series contain three layers of latex.


king size latex mattressiAdjust Organic Latex Mattress Review

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Three iAdjust models of king size latex mattress are available on this site.  All three are made with natural latex.  The iAdjust All Organic Latex Mattress undergoes an intensive process to ensure safety and reduce production impact on the environment.  This mattress is 100% organic right down to its organic cotton mattress cover.  It has been approved by numerous organizations.  Responsible forestry is monitored by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Testing conducted by Oeko-Tex and the Eco Institut is done as well.  iAdjust went beyond emissions testing with TÜV Rheinland. This international organization tests for quality and performance in addition to safety.  The three adjustable layers are three inches each of organic latex in soft, medium and firm.  For a chemical free sleep experience, choose the iAdjust All Organic Latex Mattress.

king size latex mattress

iAdjust All-Natural Latex Mattress Review

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Covering this king size latex mattress is a Tencel cover. Tencel, or Lyocell, is a natural material made from fibers of the Eucalyptus tree.  Inside this cover you get three layers of natural latex, each three inches thick.  The natural latex that makes up iAdjust All-Natural Latex Mattress is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.  It’s also resistant to dust mites and mildew.  Side sleepers, stomach sleeps and combination sleepers can all get comfortable on this mattress.  Plus there’s an added advantage when you purchase a split king size.  With the split king size not only do you get three firmness levels, each layer is split so that there are actually six pieces.  That gives it more possibilities.  You can mix and match to create a number of new firmness possibilities.  Plus, each side of the bed can reach a different firmness at the same time!

king size latex mattress

iAdjust Latex Mattress Combination Review

The King size latex mattress in the iAdjust Amenity series has a hybrid design.  It is an eight inch mattress, made up of half natural latex.  A two inch layer of soft natural latex and a two inch layer of medium natural latex are included.  This iAdjust Natural Latex Mattress Amenity is comfortable due to factors like moisture resistance.  Temperature regulation is another benefit of the natural latex.  The remaining four inch layer is polyurethane.  The Amenity king size latex mattress comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.  For an added cost, an extended ten year warranty is available as well.


Doing your research on the many aspects of a mattress is great idea.  Not only can you learn about all the modern advances in sleep products you can shop around for the best prices too.  Rest Right Mattress is able to save customers money on mattresses, adjustable beds, pillows and more.  If you can find a better price, give us a call.  Our customers are our friends.  We treat all of our customers like family.

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