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Mattress with Two Different Firmness-What You Need To Know!

Reverie mattress adjustable firmness

Mattress with Two Different Firmness

There are a couple reasons one might wish to buy a mattress with two different firmness capabilities.  The first reason is that there might be, or definitely will be, more than one person sleeping on the mattress.  Since people vary in their sleeping styles, sleeping position, and overall sleeping preferences, adjustable firmness is ideal for this situation.  Another reason someone might choose a mattress with two different firmness levels is because change is inevitable.  As time passes, our bodies go through weight gains and losses as well as shifts in muscle mass.  This effects the way in which we sleep.  For example, when pregnant, a woman who typically sleeps on her stomach might become a side sleeper for a time.  This could result in a preference shift in firmness.  If you have selected an adjustable mattress with two different firmness abilities, you can change the bed as you yourself change.



Why Couple Would Need Two Different Firmness Types?

Couples can benefit from opting for a mattress with two different firmness levels.  It is likely that partners who share the same bed might not typically enjoy the same type of mattress.  While one person may enjoy a softer mattress, the other might really favor a firm mattress.  Many aspects of sleeping can have an impact on your mattress purchase as an individual, but as a couple, it’s even more complex.  Whether you and your sleep partner are side, back or stomach sleepers should be considered.  Even differing weights can warrant the decision to pick a mattress with two different firmness adjustment possibilities.  Couples must be mindful of each other when making this decision.  There are many things to consider, including the issue of motion transfer.  A mattress with two different firmness degrees should help with that, among other things.  Pick an adjustable mattress to be confident that both people will be able to achieve comfort on the same mattress.


Sleep Position and Firmness

Mattress with two different firmness
Interestingly, your sleep position plays a role in your desire for a mattress with two different firmness options.  That’s because the position in which we sleep can influence how firm we like our mattress to be.  Many side sleepers have a similar preference for a soft mattress.  Stomach sleepers tend to go for a firmer mattress.  People that are more diverse in their sleep positions, choosing dissimilar positions from night to night, mostly go medium.  A mattress with two different firmness choices, gives this person more overall comfort than simply selecting medium firmness.  In fact, comfort is the big selling point.  No matter which level of firmness you prefer, you always have access to it.  That makes this the perfect bed for people sleeping in any position.  With this alternative to a traditional mattress, there’s no more tossing and turning, just adjust and sleep well.



Adjustable Mattresses Options

When looking for a mattress with two different firmness qualities, you have a choice.  Rest Right Mattress offers iAdjust and Reverie adjustable mattresses.  With either of these mattresses, you get adjustable firmness.  You’ll get a great price on both brands here too.  We are proud to carry these brands because they each provide unique products.  The focus and perspective of each brand is distinctive.  That’s the reason we carry both.  Each brand uses a different method to provide adjustable firmness.  No matter which you choose, you will be able to change the overall level of firmness.

mattress with two different firmness




iAdjust Mattress Company

The iAdjust brand is dedicated to producing products which are manufactured in a sustainable way.  The eco-friendly company puts a lot of focus on the process of acquiring materials that are healthy for everyday use.  This company puts a great deal of effort into its manufacturing process with an emphasis on testing.  A major focus for iAdjust’s All organic latex mattress series is meeting standards required for the GOLS and GOTS certifications.  The extensive testing and certification processes that iAdjust products go through provide assurances to consumers.  When you purchase an iAdjust latex mattress with two different firmness options from Rest Right Mattress, you get exactly what you expect.  Mattresses manufactured by iAdjust come with a ten year limited manufacturer’s warranty.  Every iAdjust mattress carried by Rest Right Mattress is made using latex. Latex mattresses can have an extended life over traditional mattresses.  That makes having the firmness adjustability important.  Because you will likely own this mattress for many years, being able to change the firmness may keep it comfortable as your body goes through changes.

mattress with two different firmness



Reverie Mattress Company

When it comes to adjustable mattresses, Reverie is an industry leader.  The company was founded in 2003 and introduced the customizable mattress in 2011.  It’s the innovation of Reverie’s DreamCell™ springs that makes dual adjustability a possibility.  This enables each side of the mattress to be set at a different level of firmness.  The combination of these foam springs with an adjustable comfort layer of Talalay really allows for strategic support.  Reverie employs engineers and designers that work together to bring you a better night’s sleep.  The company receives regular guidance from doctors and scientists who serve on its advisory board.  Reverie also manufactures adjustable beds.  The expertise of many professionals goes into making Reverie products.  Reverie mattresses also come with a ten year limited manufacturer’s warranty.  You can buy Reverie mattresses and more here at Rest Right Mattress.  Call to get the best price!



Types of Mattresses with Adjustable Firmness


 How to Adjust iAdjust Latex Mattress?iAdjust adjust firmness

The way iAdjust sets itself apart from the competition is by manufacturing latex mattresses with two different firmness layers plus more.  Each of the iAdjust mattresses come with not one, not two, but three layers.  Each layer has a differing level of firmness and can be adjusted manually.  Simply stack the layers to create an ideal amount of firmness for you.  All of the iAdjust mattresses are latex which gives them several advantages.  Latex mattresses are naturally temperature regulating due to being heat resistant.  This material also makes the iAdjust mattresses mildew and dust mite repellent.  Additionally, latex adjustable mattresses last longer and are antimicrobial.  You can even get the iAdjust multi-firmness mattress in Certified Organic.  This mattress is thoroughly tested and meets all necessary requirements to be called Organic.  Plus, by choosing this latex mattress, you are picking a mattress that is free from harmful chemicals and off-gassing.



How to Adjust Reverie Mattresses

Reverie mattress adjustable firmness
Reverie incorporates exclusive technology in its mattresses with two firmness availabilities for adjusting.  Every aspect of a Reverie adjustable mattress has a specific purpose that leads to better sleep.  It starts with Feran Ice® technology which was integrated to keep you cool and dry as you sleep.  The DreamTop™ for convenience is on all sizes except split mattresses.  However, the highlight of the Reverie mattresses is the Oeko-Tex Talalay comfort layer.  Talalay is the name for multiple pieces of latex foam.  Oeko-Tex means it has undergone quality control to be certain that it meets and exceeds safety regulations in regards to chemical emissions.  The Talalay can be manually manipulated to move support where you need it most.  A second layer within Reverie’s adjustable mattresses is called DreamCell™.  This layer consists of foam springs that make it easy to adjust firmness on both sides of the mattress.  Rearrange and move the firm ones where you want firm, and the soft ones where you want it softer.



You are right to consider buying a mattress with two different firmness styles.  Not only is this type of mattress great for couples, everyone can find value in it.  Mattresses are an investment that can give you returns in quality sleep for years.  It is understandable that within the lifetime of a mattress, your sleep needs might change.  Whether they are impacted by a gradual or sudden change, this type of mattress adapts to your needs.  There’s no need to suffer with a mattress that isn’t the exact amount of firmness that you like.  Dual mattress adjustability also allows sleep partners to attain a different level of firm on each side of the bed.  Each person can customize their side for pressure relief and overall comfort.  It is vital that people get enough quality sleep to cycle through the stages of sleep multiple times each night.  When you are comfortable, you will awaken less often throughout the night.  Rest Right Mattress offers a variety of sleep products to help you get the sleep you need.  A Reverie or iAdjust adjustable mattress with two different firmness possibilities might just be the right mattress for you!



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