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January 29, 2017
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Prioritize Your Sleep While Traveling

Close to 10 out of 10 people will agree they never achieve the kind of sleep they do at home when they’re on the road and out traveling. We are creatures of habit, and our bodies get very used to a typical schedule, routine, lighting level, noise level, and mattress experience in our personal bedrooms. Our bodies become expectant of a certain kind of sleeping environment every night, and when we mix it up, poor sleep awaits us on the road.

You may be thinking: yes, I totally agree! What should I do to make sleep a better reality for myself on the road?

Planes, trains, automobiles, and many hotels have less-than-stellar sleeping arrangements for guests. Not everyone is going to be able to cater to the level of quiet and dark you’re accustomed to at home. The best thing you can do is try to recreate exactly what it is you like about sleeping at home.

The checklist:

  • Do you like having a firm mattress? Prioritize sleeping at hotels with raving bedroom reviews. This probably isn’t going to be a reality at a cheap Airbnb you settle for – time to invest in a nicer stay option.
  • Are you used to a cold temperature while sleeping? Adjust the thermostat in your hotel room. If it’s not available in your room, call the front desk and have it altered.
  • Close the blinds. Put on an eye cover. Bring a blanket to cover your face if you’re on a plane. Do yourself some favors.
  • Peace and quiet. This is hard to achieve while traveling. Bring earplugs, buy soothing ocean tapes, and book off the beaten path stay accommodations that won’t be located in noisy part of a city.

Do yourself some favors the next time you travel. Prioritize your sleep.

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