Reverie Adjustable Beds

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Reverie Adjustable Beds

Reverie adjustable beds are made by one of the top manufacturers of adjustable beds.  Because everyone’s optimal comfort level is achieved differently, Reverie adjustable beds come with a variety of customization options.  One the most advanced models, the 9T Reverie Adjustable Bed, has precise lumbar support capability. This allows for adjustment by degree to address your specific needs.  It also has high-def massage available in four waves and ten intensity levels.  Add to that other features and you can see why it is one of the most popular Reverie adjustable beds.  In fact many of the Reverie adjustable beds come with massage options.  5D Reverie Adjustable Beds and 8Q Reverie Adjustable Beds both have massage.  You can choose an all over massage or massage specific areas even.  Each bed has different massage options though.  For example, the Reverie 8Q has dual massage motors.  This particular model was selected as a Women’s Choice Award Winner from 2012 to 2015. Take a look at each model to compare massage functions.  This is an important aspect of Reverie adjustable beds to many people.  Massage does offer up many benefits for both sleep and overall health.  3M and 3EM Reverie adjustable beds do not feature massage but you can adjust head and foot.

Head and Foot Incline

The head and foot incline ability is obviously a big aspect of owning an adjustable bed.  One unique characteristic that some Reverie adjustable beds offers, is a “raise you awake” alarm function.  Also, some Reverie adjustable beds come with two or four programmable positions.  Adjust your head and foot to the position that you find most comfortable for sleep, and then program it.  Do the same for a position you like for reading or watching television.  Programmable positions save you time by saving your favorite positions for use again later.  Simply press a button the next time you want to get back into your programmed position.  All Reverie adjustable beds come with pre-programmed positions for ease of access to certain positions.  Anti-snore, for example, is an elevation of the head that can open up airways to allow for breathing easier.  This may reduce snoring for some people.  It is commonly used and available on Reverie adjustable beds.  The zero-gravity position affects both head and foot by inclining both to a set degree.  This equates to less pressure on the lower portion of the back as well as less pain in many cases.  Less pain leads to better sleep.  Anti-snore, zero-gravity and flat positions are pre-set and attainable via the bed controls.  Speaking of bed controls, a wireless remote makes use of your new bed easy!  Some models like the 8Q, even come equipped with Bluetooth technology.  This enables you to power your bed using a downloadable app.  Your phone becomes the key to programming your positions, turning on/off the under bed light options, and more.

Many Different Characteristics

All Reverie adjustable beds come with multiple characteristics.  Are you looking for adjustable bed height to accommodate a thick or thin mattress? Reverie adjustable beds have you covered with adjustable legs.  Each model has different features.  Having several models to choose from, you are sure to find the features you want.  Cater to your personal needs with options such as lighting under the bed, USB charging stations, and the Wall Snuggler on Reverie adjustable beds keeps the bed close to the wall as it moves upward.  This is important for maintaining a center around you!  With this technology, you will stay near the nightstand as you raise and lower through positions.  The ambient lighting provided beneath some Reverie adjustable beds is great for a nightlight or setting a mood.  Also, this lighting can be used in an effort to not wake your sleep partner should you wake at different times.

Style of Bed for Your Overall Enjoyment

The style of bed you choose may make an impact on your overall enjoyment.  Choose an ultra-thin profile for ease of moving or a deck on deck design for high end furniture appearance.  Determine what your preferred style is and then evaluate the features of each with that style.  Whichever model you select, there are multiple benefits of using an adjustable bed.  The advantages you receive from Reverie adjustable beds are many.  Comfort and convenience in the palm of your hands.  Gain health benefits such as improved circulation and pain relief.  If you are one that suffers from GERD and/or poor circulation, adjustable beds can greatly help you.  Extra conveniences like the portable charging pad on 9T Reverie Adjustable Beds are what puts these beds in demand.  Study after study has indicated that people in the United States are simply not getting enough quality sleep.  There are so many reasons that this is the case.  Part of the problem points to health issues.  Your adjustable bed cannot cure anything, but can be used to reduce pain, improve circulation, etc.  Another possible reason people aren’t sleeping well is stress-related.  A massage from one of Reverie’s adjustable beds can help you relax and possibly even improve mood!

Safety Features

Reverie adjustable beds also offer safety features that you may find important.  The weight capacity of your adjustable bed will depend on the size of the base.  However, if you accidentally exceed the weight capacity, the base will automatically shut off.  This is helpful to prevent damage to your bed.  I n the event that you experience a loss of power, the bed will also power down automatically.  The safety features are just one way you are protected with the purchase of any of the Reverie adjustable beds.  Check out the manufacturer’s limited twenty year warranty available on all Reverie adjustable beds.  You may also elect to purchase a Guardsman Ten Year Extended Warranty.  This allows you to further protect your investment by supplementing the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Selection Process

With so many great features available, and so many style options, don’t be overwhelmed by the selection process.  A handy way to navigate through choosing an adjustable bed is to make a list of all the possibilities of features.  Then scratch off the features you don’t find necessary to your best sleep.  Then, list out all models that are within your budget.  Once you eliminate the ones that do not come in your preferred style, you can start looking at features.  If the bed doesn’t have everything you want, take it off the list.  Now you should have a list of adjustable beds that come in the style you like and have everything you want.  From here you have two options.  You can choose the one that comes in at the lowest price or you can look at additional features.  It may be helpful to place a personal value on what each of the features is worth to you.  The great thing about having several models of Reverie adjustable beds, is you’ll likely find one that fits your needs.

We Will Beat Anyone’s Price!

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