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February 8, 2017
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Smartphones and Their Effect on Quality Sleep

We’re all addicted to our phones. Chances are, you’re reading this blog right from your mobile device. Smartphones have revolutionized our world, and provide entertaining and engaging content right at our fingertips. It makes it hard to unplug and walk away.

The downside of smartphones popularity is that they are directly linked to stimulating poor sleep in users. The basic rules of sleep hygiene recommend avoiding bright lights for 30 minutes prior to bedtime. This rule is becoming pretty hard to follow with smartphones. Most people don’t set theirs down until the second the go to bed. Even worse, 71% of all smartphone users either fall asleep holding their device, or with it next to them on their nightstands. The result is a constant exposure to light: sleep’s worse enemy.

Why is light so disruptive?

  1. Light stimulates the brain.

Our brains think it’s time to wake up when they’re exposed to light. Smartphones trick them into an alerted state.

  1. Content

Not only do smartphones expose us to light, they expose us to highly stimulating light that is part of social media content. This stimulation wakes our brains right on up.

  1. Real v. artificial light

Our brains can’t tell the difference! So, the more artificial light you put up to your face, the more awake you are making your brain before you slumber.

Ensuring ideal sleep

Obviously, the best start for achieving perfect sleep would be putting down your electronics at least an hour before bed and keeping them out of your bedroom altogether. We know it’s easier said than done, so consider turning your brightness level all the way down, and incorporating a blue filter. Blue soothes our eyes and consequently our brains.

Remember: technology is not always the answer. Our health should come first.










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