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While you are fast asleep, gaining all the many benefits of getting quality sleep, you may be breathing in bacteria which can not only cause sickness, but even cause asthma as well. That’s because as you sleep you sweat, you shed skin cells, oils from your face absorb into your pillow and you might even drool a little. All these actions form the perfect environment for the growth and prosperity of mold, many varieties of bacteria (including gut bacteria), dust mites, and fungus. All of these can and have been found on pillows. Study after study has proven it.

So, what can you do? Well, it is likely that the best and most effective thing you can do is to replace your pillows regularly. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the general consensus is a pillow should be replaced every two years, but sooner if they are noticeably worn out. Not only does a worn out pillow probably contain a lot of these organisms, it also isn’t likely going to give your neck and head the support that a pillow should in order for you to get good sleep. After all, sleep is a necessity and getting enough good sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Prevention Magazine even goes as far to say that pillows should be replaced once per year, and once every two years if you use pillow protectors.

Another good way to reduce the impact that these microbes have on your pillow is to purchase a pillow that was designed to deter their growth. At Rest Right Mattress, you can find a large variety of pillows which are either charcoal infused for less bacteria and allergens or made with allergen resistant latex. Try the Triumph Soft and Conforming Support pillow, the Vitalize Superior Cooling Capabilities pillow or the Velocity Soft and Cool All Night pillow which all are charcoal infused. The Inspire Plush Comfort pillow is made with the allergy resistant latex for healthier sleep. These are just a few options, there are many more to choose from.

It gets you thinking, how long has it been since you replaced your pillows?




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