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What Is A Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed? We Fully Explain It!

what is a wall hugger adjustable bed

What is a Wall Hugger Adjustable bed?

What Is A Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed

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If you don’t know what is a wall hugger adjustable bed, you will after today. Not only does Rest Right Mattress have adjustable beds, mattresses, frames, pillows and more. Rest Right Mattress can also answer all your questions including, “what is a wall hugger adjusteble bed?” We want you to feel confident as you pick out each element of your bedroom environment. Common questions we hear are addressed in the Rest Right Mattress Blog.

History of the Wall-Hugger Adjustable bed

Wall hugger technology was originally developed by Leggett and Platt. This leading manufacturer specializes in sleep systems with the latest advances in the industry. We are proud to carry seven Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds including the Simplicity 3.0, S-Cape 2.0, S-Cape 2.0+ and the Prodigy 2.0. Each of these heavy duty adjustable bed bases have wall hugger included. Once you comprehend what is a wall hugger bed, we are sure that you will want one. While not every Leggett and Platt bed will have wall hugger included, they don’t all have the same features otherwise. Some adjustable beds like the Premier P-232 have a long list of features. These are the beds with a combination of features from the long list of possibilities. Some have massage functions, Bluetooth technology, and precise pillow tilt while others may have some of these features plus others. You really have to check out each one to see which compilation of features will be the best match for your needs. After all, what is a wall hugger bed without all the other benefits of an adjustable bed?

When you lay down in your bed, you aren’t necessarily going straight to sleep. Besides sleep, popular bed activities include (but are not limited to) watching television, book reading or having a snack/drink. Some people enjoy a massage feature from their bed before slumber to ease tired muscles. What exactly does this have to do with the original query of what is a wall hugger bed? The wall hugger was created to solve a problem that Leggett and Platt saw in the original design of most adjustable beds. See, as an adjustable bed raises, the person in bed moved forward. This made it difficult to reach items on the nightstand including the wireless remote, television remote, drinks and books. So to alleviate the issue, the wall hugger was produced, therefore making adjustable beds wall hugger beds.

Function of the Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed

So what is a wall hugger adjustable bed? As your body is lifted using your adjustable bed’s positioning function, the bed also glides back with a wall hugger. This maintains your body near its original placement, just raised up, not forward. Now with the wall hugger, you don’t have to reach awkwardly to pick up your book and remote control or risk spilling your drink. You stay put as you raise and lower through positions with all the things you need at arm’s reach. Most people find this to be useful.

Other Manufacturers Started to Develop Their Own Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds

The original wall hugger resulted in a lot of happy customers and quickly became a sought after feature.
With the development of wall huggers being so popular, other bed manufacturers have implemented the idea into their adjustable beds. Sometimes this feature is called a wall snuggler or other variation of the terms. Basically, these functions act similar to the wall hugger, providing a way for you to stay next to the night stand as you raise and lower your head and feet.

What is a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed and How to Enjoy it?

Now that you know what is a wall hugger adjustable bed, you can understand why you would want to have this feature in your adjustable bed. It makes an enjoyable experience that much more enjoyable. It’s likely that many people don’t even know what it was like without this technology. As with many types of technology, the wall hugger makes life easier and provides convenience for the user. Technology is constantly evolving and it impacts the sleep industry just as it impacts other industries. Recent technological advances that are making it into adjustable beds include App controls and Bluetooth capability. Leggett and Platt is once again creating a path with its newest technology of LP Connect. LP Connect takes your bed and makes not only a foundation for your mattress, but also a foundation for your bedroom environment. LP Connect transforms your adjustable base into a hub for other electric bedroom facets including air control and lighting. This allows you to control additional appliances like fans with your bed’s wireless remote. You can even use your phone or other device to work it.

Adjustable Beds comes with Other Features

Knowing what is a wall hugger bed is just one small part of the bed selection process. As you can tell, there are multiple features to choose from and new technology coming out regularly. That’s just the base too. Comparing mattresses, foundations and frames will enlighten you to all the options available leading to many decisions to make. Mattress choices add to the decision making. There is a lot that goes into fitting your bedroom for optimal sleep and relaxation. Rest Right Mattress can help you understand the differences between pillow top, memory foam and latex mattresses. We can help you decipher which features of an adjustable bed will be most important for your particular health and sleep needs. We can also assist in defining the terminology of sleep industry technology like what is a wall hugger bed. Creating a bedroom conducive to sleep starts with the base but entails many elements. Thanks to innovation, adjustable beds and mattresses are getting better and better.

Though there are many decisions to make that can lead you to the perfect bedroom setup, there are just as many reasons to buy from Rest Right Mattress. Some stores will rush you into making a decision. Some sales people at those stores count on you not knowing about the products. Some sales people at those stores don’t know about the products themselves! We give you the knowledge you need to make an educated choice. This is just one way Rest Right Mattress treats you like family.

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