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What Is Zero Gravity On A Bed? We Have The Answer!

what is zero gravity on a bed

What Is Zero Gravity On A Bed?

What Is Zero Gravity On A Bed And Who Developed It?

What is zero gravity on a bed? NASA actually coined the phrase Zero Gravity and developed the position for launch.  This is because the Zero Gravity position relieves pressure on the back.  This was needed especially for astronauts who felt an increased pressure on the body upon takeoff.  The adjustable bed industry saw how this could be incorporated into your bed.  Then Zero Gravity was integrated into adjustable beds, creating everyday relief from the pressures of gravity on your body.

If you want to know what is zero gravity on a bed, you have come to the right place.  Zero Gravity is a position that raises knees and elevates the legs.  This reduces pressure on the back and improves circulation.  A raised head creates an angle that encourages relaxation and further reduces the stress on your back.  This position puts support where needed to more equally distribute the weight of your body.

What Is Zero Gravity On A Bed And How Is It Beneficial?  

Zero Gravity is a term that will repeatedly come up when researching your adjustable bed options.  It is a pre-programmed, beneficial position.  The reason this position comes available programmed on many adjustable beds, is that it is a popular option.  This is due to the numerous ways that Zero Gravity impacts your health and overall enjoyment of sleep.  Elevated legs improve circulation and can help to regulate blood flow, which may help with swelling issues.  An elevated head can help with stomach acid reflux and assists in opening up nasal passages which can reduce snoring.  The reduction in pressure on your back leads to less back pain and can also help with sore muscles as well.

Why Do You Need Zero Gravity On A Bed?

What is zero gravity on a bed and why do you need it? Because the Zero Gravity position addresses many health issues, it can make sleep much more enjoyable for you.  Less pain and soreness equates to a falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.  Just getting enough sleep can influence your everyday life in so many ways!  When you get enough sleep you can be more focused throughout your day.  When you get good quality sleep you will see benefits like improved memory and an increased amount of energy during the day.

 Why Do You Want It Zero Gravity On A Bed?

What is zero gravity on a bed and why do you want it on a bed? Health issues and back pain are not the only reasons Zero Gravity is popular.  The Zero Gravity position actually maximizes your body’s natural relaxation ability.  The ability to relax at the moment you lay down, will help you sleep better overall.

 When Do You Use Zero Gravity On A Bed?

What is zero gravity on a bed and when do you need it on a bed? Once you know what is zero gravity on a bed, you can learn when it can be used.  Accessing the Zero Gravity position when it’s time to sleep will give you the most time in this comfortable position.  However, it is not simply a sleep position.  Because the Zero Gravity position elevates both the head and feet, you can easily watch television or read a book in this position.  The Zero Gravity position can help lessen physical stress on your body, so the more you take advantage of it, the better.

Can You Use It With Your Current Mattress?

To put it simply, the Zero Gravity function on your adjustable bed can be used with most any mattress.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. If your mattress is compatible with your adjustable bed, it can be used in the Zero Gravity position.

Where Can You Find A Zero Gravity Bed?

Now that you know what is zero gravity on a bed, it’s time to shop!  Rest Right Mattress has many options for adjustable bed sleep systems with the Zero Gravity position pre-programmed.  Some of these adjustable beds, like the Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base also come with multiple massage functions.  The Ergomotion Softide 5100 comes with four pre-programmed positions; Zero Gravity, Flat, TV and Relax positions.  Check out all our great adjustable beds.  You are sure to find one that has everything you want and more

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