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Adjustable Beds with Pillow Tilt: Knowing the Differences

pillow tilt adjustable beds

 Adjustable Beds with Pillow Tilt

 What is it?

Adjustable beds with pillow tilt is a feature available on beds that provides one more way to customize the positioning.  The adjustable bed with pillow tilt function allows you to tilt the head portion of the bed in an added way.  Some pillow tilt adjustable beds is very precise, giving you a chance to fine-tune your position.  You can get more comfortable using an adjustable bed that has this useful feature.  Adjustable bed with pillow tilt, along with the head and foot incline positions of an adjustable bed, allows you to tailor your position to improve your comfort which can translate into a better night’s sleep.

Is there a separate motor for adjustable beds with pillow tilt?

Many people are curious to how the adjustable beds with pillow tilt feature works.  A common question is whether or not beds that offer pillow tilt do so utilizing a second motor.  The answer to this question is yes and no.  Just like every model offers different features and functions, models that have adjustable bed pillow tilt work in different ways. Some models have adjustable bed pillow tilt that simply raises as the bed inclines, while others have the adjustable bed pillow tilt as a completely separate motion available.  This second motion is the result of a second motor.  This added, separate function is accessible via the remote on the models which have the extra motor.

Does every adjustable bed offer pillow tilt function?

Rest Right Mattress offers five different adjustable beds with pillow tilt.  Not every adjustable bed has this feature but it is a popular feature among those who use an adjustable bed.  There are three Leggett & Platt models available at Rest Right Mattress that have adjustable bed pillow tilt. These include the Prodigy 2.0, the Premier Furniture Style Base and the Premier Foundation Style Base.  Glideaway has adjustable bed pillow tilt on its Elevation model and Ergomotion has it available on the Ergomotion 8300.  Be sure to consider the other features available on each of the models as well.  There are many factors to consider when selecting your new adjustable bed, and adjustable bed pillow tilt is just one.

The Remote and Adjustable Bed with Pillow Tilt

It has never been easier to use your adjustable bed’s with pillow tilt feature.  No matter which adjustable bed with pillow tilt you choose, using this feature is so easy.  On the Glideaway Elevation model, there is no need to do anything extra.  You are able to reap the benefits of the pillow tilt when you utilize the head incline adjustment of your new bed.  There are no added buttons to push, the pillow tilt is automatic!  The other models available at Rest Right Mattress all have a button accessible on the remote; Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0, Leggett & Platt Premier Furniture and Foundation Style Bases.  This button controls the second motor that these other models have incorporated into the design.  The second motor works the adjustable bed pillow tilt as a separate function, apart from the head incline.  While this does take familiarizing yourself with an extra button on the remote, it benefits you because now you can run the pillow tilt and the head incline independently, providing you with better customization.



Adjustable Bed Pillow Tilt Models at Rest Right Mattress

pillow tilt adjustable beds GlideawayGlideaway Elevation

Rest Right Mattress has several models of adjustable bed pillow tilt included.  The Glideaway Elevation model has pillow tilt built into the incline of the head.  This simplifies the adjustment as there is no additional button to push, just simply use the head incline and the adjustable bed pillow tilts.






pillow tilt adjustable beds ProdigyLeggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

There are a few models offered by Rest Right Mattress that have a separate motor for the adjustable bed pillow tilt.  The Prodigy 2.0 by Leggett & Platt is one of these models.  The second motor activates the adjustable bed pillow tilt when you press a specific button on the remote.   Because the adjustable bed pillow tilt is a separate function on this model, the user can tilt the pillow to any level of incline while simultaneously having the head incline set at any available level as well.  This adds a large range of potential positions to the adjustable bed.





pillow tilt adjustable beds premier furnitureLeggett & Platt Premier Furniture Style

Your wireless Bluetooth remote features an independent button that solely operates the adjustable bed pillow tilt on the Leggett & Platt Premier Furniture Style base.  That’s because the adjustable bed pillow tilt characteristic of this bed is controlled by using a second isolated motor that manages the precise pillow tilt function.  There are many aspects of this model that are desirable so take a look at what other features this stylish model offers.





pillow tilt adjustable beds premier
Leggett & Platt Premier Foundation Style

Similar to the Leggett & Platt Premier Furniture Style Base, the Premier Foundation Style Base has a second quiet motor that allows the adjustable bed pillow tilt to offer you extra customization of your position.  This adjustable bed pillow tilt can be used with or without the incline and adjusted to make you most comfortable and help you achieve the exact position you desire by using the adjustable bed pillow tilt button on the remote.





pillow tilt adjustable beds ergomotionErgomotion 8300

There is one Ergomotion model offered by Rest Right Mattress that has dual motors for the added benefit of adjustable bed pillow tilt.   Use your remote to work the adjustable bed pillow tilt on the Ergomotion 8300.  The wireless remote also can be used to activate the under bed lighting and set one of the preset positions for TV, Zero Gravity, Flat or Relax positions.  These are just a few of many features that the Ergomotion 8300 comes with.





Reverie 8Qpillow tilt adjustable bed

With a long catalog of features, the Reverie 8Q adjustable bed with pillow tilt has a lot to offer.  The Bluetooth SMART module makes employing the pillow tilt and many other features easy!  The look of luxury compliments the fusion of numerous highly sought after features.  That’s why it was a Women’s Choice Award Winner four years in a row.



Pillow Tilt Adjustable Beds and More

Adjustable bed pillow tilt is one of many features that are beneficial for your sleep quality.  At Rest Right Mattress, we encourage you to check out the large range of adjustable beds that we offer as well as the variety and multitude of the features and functions available.  Adjustable bed pillow tilt can provide you with a greater range of motion when adjusting your position, as does the head/foot incline adjustments available.  The massage features on each model bring about many benefits through several different massage modes and intensities.  The ambiance of under bed lighting and convenience of USB charging ports are other ways your adjustable bed can be customized to your specific wants and needs.  While adjustable bed pillow tilt is not available on every model, Rest Right Mattress has several models to choose from that have this and many other features.  Check out all the features available on adjustable beds, then choose the best adjustable bed for you.   At Rest Right Mattress, we care about you and want to help you improve your sleep so that you can start each day rejuvenated.  We have several resources available in the Rest Right Mattress blog to help educate you on the products we know will benefit you and if you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to there, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to get you all the information you need to make the best selection for you.

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