Mattress Sizes and Mattress Dimensions

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Different Mattress Sizes

This page describes the different mattress sizes and their benefits.

Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes varies with a number of choices. Which mattress size is right for you?  The biggest factor affecting the size of mattress choice is how many bodies will be sleeping on the mattress. We have broken down the Mattress Sizes into more detail to help understand the different sizes.

Twin-39″ X 75″

If you sleep alone, a Twin size bed might suffice as it comes in at approximately 34 inches by 74 inches.  The Twin size is a good size for one regular size adult or a child but a taller adult might require the additional length that a Twin XL provides. Learn more about Twin mattress dimensions.

Twin XL 39″ X 80″

The Twin XL comes in at about 6 inches longer but maintains the 39 inch width of the Twin.  The Twin XL size is very popular in many college dorms rooms. Learn more  about Twin XL mattress dimensions.

Full size 54″ X 75″

A Full size mattress is just a step up in size.  The Full size mattress doesn’t provide the longer length of the Twin XL, but it does come in around 55 inches wide which makes it pretty spacious for a growing child or an adult that doesn’t need the added length. Learn more about the Full size mattress dimensions.

Queen size 60″ X 80″

For more added room, the Queen, King, and California King is an option. The Queen size mattress is a very common size and the most popular mattress size today for couples and also for individuals who enjoy the comfort that the larger size of 60 inches by 80 inches can provide.  This is also a very common size for guest rooms. If you have children, dogs or cats that will be sharing your bed, the Queen size is a great choice. Learn more about the Queen mattress dimensions.

King size 76″ X 80″

Also, there are some larger options which are King and California King size.  The King size adds an additional 16 inches to the width of the Queen, the King size mattress is the widest single mattress available. Learn more about King mattress dimensions.

California King 72″ X 84″

The California King is approximately 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. With having additional 4 inches longer than the King, it is an excellent choice for a taller individual or someone that enjoys a lengthier mattress. So, what is the right size of mattress for you?  It will depend on your personal preference and living arrangements. Learn more about California King mattress dimensions.

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