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Mattress Sizes


Mattress Size Information

Split Cal King
36" x 84" + 36" x 84"
Cal King
72" x 84"
Split King
38" x 80" + 38" x 80"
76" x 80"
Split Queen
30" x 80" + 30" x 80"
60" x 80"
Full XL
53" x 80"
54" x 75"
Twin XL
38" x 80"
38" x 75"

mattress sizes and dimensions split california king

Split California King Mattress Size

(36” W x 84” L)+(36” W x 84” L)

Sleeping on a California Split King Mattress size is a good, solid choice for couples who like their space-and a lot of it.  The length of a Split California King Mattress is 84 inches while the width is 36 inches per side.  It has everything to offer that the split king and split queen sizes do, but on a larger scale.  Those looking to create a large and luxurious bedroom environment will be “living like a California King” when sleeping on this size!

The Pros and Cons of a Split California King Mattress Size


  • The Split Size California King is big, allowing for stretching out and comfortably accommodating larger individuals.
  • Compatible with split features of adjustable beds.
  • If purchased initially, a split Cali-King mattress can lead to long-term saving as upgrading sizes won’t be necessary later.


  • Though big can be great, a split California King Mattress might not fit in smaller spaces.
  • Larger mattresses like the Split California King come with a larger price tag in most cases.


mattress sizes and dimensions

California King Mattress Size

 (72” W x 84” L)

The California King mattress size measure at 72 inches wide by 84 inches in length. These measurements are more narrow, yet longer than a King size mattress. Due to this length the California King if often found in the master bedroom of a household. The California King can be a perfect size bed for those who are taller or have pets that sleep by their feet at night. Instead of kicking the cat off the bed each night, there can be a space to comfortably fit you and your pet. When buying a California King mattress you want to be sure you have enough space in the room it will accompany. The California King mattress dimensions are the largest of all the 5 major mattress sizes. Of course, this also means it can be a bit more pricey than a different mattress of a smaller size. It is always safe to know the facts before investing in a mattress. Listed below are a few pros and cons that may be helpful to your search for the right mattress.

The Pros and Cons of a California King Mattress Size


  • The California King has a large length. Making it very comfortable for those who are taller or have pets that like to sleep at their feet (as mentioned above).
  • The California King mattress dimensions allow a great sleeping arrangement for couples who like to sleep closer together.


  • The California King takes up a large amount of space in a bedroom. Be sure to measure the amount of space you have for a bed before buying a mattress.
  • The California King is not a rare mattress to find.  It can be hard to find proper bedding and sheets to fit. Keep in mind the bedding for such a large mattress can be found, but not as cheap as a smaller mattress such as the Twin.


mattress sizes and dimensions split king

Split  King Mattress Size

(38” W x 80” L)+(38” W x 80” L)

The dimensions of a Split King Mattress side are 38 inches by 80 inches, approximately the same as a Twin XL.  So, two Twin XL mattresses make up a split king bed.  This makes it simple to find sheets to fit and replacing a single side simple too.  People who want to make use of an adjustable bed will likely enjoy having a split mattress.  Parents can purchase a split king mattress and use it for two kids in different rooms even.  Then, later, they can join the two sides for one larger bed so when it’s time to upgrade only one bed will need to be purchased.

The Pros and Cons of a King Mattress Size


  • The pair of sides can be used together or individually.
  • Split King Mattresses are sufficiently large enough for comfortable sleep.
  • Split mattress versions allow for use of dual-firmness mattress options; each side could be set to support and feel differently.
  • Due to being split, the setup of a split King Mattress is possible in places with narrow doorways and halls.


  • The Split King mattress may be too large for some bedrooms.
  • Generally, the larger the mattress, the larger one’s budget needs to be when shopping.


mattress size and dimensions

King Mattress Size

(76” W. x 80” L)

The King mattress size and dimensions measure at 76 inches wide by 80 inches in length. These dimensions are about equal to having two Twin XL mattresses put side by side. Often times the King mattress is used by couples who enjoy more space and find that the larger the mattress the more comfortable they feel. Couples with children and/or pets may also find the King mattress dimensions to be a perfect size. The King mattress is generally more expensive than smaller sizes, but can possibly save money over time if it does not need to be upgraded to a larger size (California King). The King mattress can be found in many different levels of quality and pricing. This allows for someone with smaller pockets to get a bed that fits their needs,  but also doesn’t blow the budget. When buying a mattress you need to ensure that it is comfortable and large enough for the user to enjoy a great night’s sleep. Below are a few pros and cons of the King mattress that can help you determine if this is the right size for you.

The Pros and Cons of a King Mattress Size


  • The King mattress dimensions are large enough to leave adequate space for couples who have children or pets that may sleep in bed with them from time to time.
  • Often the user of a King size mattress does not find themselves in need of a larger size mattress, in this case the California King. This can save money overtime and be a very great investment.
  • Comes in a variety of prices and quality.


  • The King mattress will take up a large amount of space and may not be suitable for someone who has a smaller amount of room to allow for their bed.
  • The cost of a King mattress with great quality can possibly be a bit too steep for someone watching their budget. It may save money overtime but the outright price can turn some people away.


mattress size and dimensions split queen

Split Queen Mattress Size

(30″ X 80″)+(30″ X 80″)

Split Queen Mattress dimensions measure 30 inches wide and 60 inches long per piece.  These mattresses are usually sold as two pieces.  There are several advantages to choosing this size, one of which is single side adjustability when paired with an adjustable bed that has that feature.  Because the mattress is split in two, each side can be pushed together to form one large bed, or moved apart to create two separate sleeping arrangements.

The Pros and Cons of a Split Queen Mattress Size


  • All the things we love about the original Queen size; comfortably fits one or two adults, comes in multiple styles, large enough to share with kids or pets.
  • Split Queen Mattresses usually fits standard Queen bases.
  • This size mattress is typically the most cost effective split size.
  • Split Queen mattresses are obtainable in many brands and styles.


  • Split Queen Mattress sheets are not carried everywhere so it may take longer to find when shopping for sheets.
  • When replacing a Split Queen Mattress, both sides are sold together so it is rare to be able to purchase a single side by itself.


mattress sizes and dimensions

Queen Mattress Dimensions

(60″ X 80″)

Queen mattress dimensions are large enough to accommodate two adults, ringing in at 60” wide by 80” long. The queen mattress dimensions provide adequate space to comfortably fit two people, but not so much space that the bed doesn’t fit comfortably in the room. The queen size mattress is popular for this reason. It is found in the bedrooms of single adults, couples, teens and even kids. This size mattress is a good choice for anyone looking to maximize space. It makes for a very common mattress size in hotels. The queen mattress dimensions provide enough length for average sized adults, without as much width as the King or California King. This size is available in a variety of quality levels. Therefore, it is also available to fit a wide range of budgets. The following pros and cons list can help you decide if a Queen mattress will fit to your needs.

The Pros and Cons of a Queen Mattress Size


  • The Queen Mattress Dimensions comfortably fit two full size adults.
  • Many of those who upgrade to a Queen never find themselves needing a larger mattress, therefore do not upgrade to a King or California King.
  • The Queen is also a great size mattress for single adults with pets or young children that may sometimes sleep in bed with them.
  • Comes in many different qualities and mattress types.


  • Some couples find that the King mattress is more comfortable, due to it leaving more space for each individual.
  • The Queen mattress may not be suitable for two adults and pets at the same time. Whereas the King and California King often leave plenty of room for a couple and pets.
  • The Queen mattress fits two adults, but might not allow much room to stretch out and have a large amount of space between each user.


mattress sizes and dimensions full xl

Full XL Size Mattress Dimensions

(53” W. x 80” L.)

A Full XL is similar to a Twin XL in that it takes the original size and adds length.  So you might guess that a Full XL will have almost identical benefits to the Full but with the added bonus of being longer.  The dimensions for a Full XL measure 53 inches wide and 80 inches long.  Often times this size mattress is used by adults and taller teenagers.  While it could fit two people, many times it is most comfortable for a single sleeper.  Smaller rooms accommodate this size better than some of the larger options available.

The Pros and Cons of a Full XL Mattress Size


  • This size mattress occupies less space than other mattresses with similar benefits.
  • A Full XL can be found in multiple types of mattress including pillowtop, memory foam and latex.
  • Due to the large variety of types of Full XL mattresses, they can be found in multiple price points.
  • The extra six inches in length may add to the length of time it can be used as a person grows taller.


  • The Twin XL is not ideal for two people, though it may be possible for two individuals to share.
  • This size may not be available in all mattress models.


mattess sizes and dimensions

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

(53” W x 75” L)

The full size mattress size and dimensions, are perfect for growing children and preteens. Often times the full size mattress dimensions fit one individual of a height equal to or less than 65 inches. The Double mattress is 17 inches wider than a Twin mattress. Thus, making it a reasonable size to have a visitor every now and again, but not large enough to fit a adult couple comfortably each night. The full size mattress dimensions are large enough to suit the needs and fit a growing child. Yet, the mattress does not take up an incredible amount of room space, like the King and California King would. When selecting a mattress for your child it is important to check their height against the mattress dimensions. It also may be helpful to look at some pros and cons of the mattress you are interested in purchasing. Below are some of the full size mattress pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of a Full Size Mattress Size


  • The full size mattress does not take up a large amount of room space.
  • This mattress comes in a variety of qualities, making it available to fit a wide range of budgets.
  • The full size mattress leaves enough space for the individual to stretch out across the bed, and also fit to the needs of their growing height.
  • The mattress is a great next step for those who are just outgrowing a Twin, or Twin XL.
  • When purchasing a mattress, the full size will in most cases be cheaper than a Queen or King. Making it the perfect size, and the cheaper mattress for one who is not expected to grow out of this size for a couple of years.


  • The full size mattress may be easily outgrown by teens. It could be more economical to upgrade to a larger mattress first instead of having to replace with another mattress later on.
  • The size of a full mattress is not suitable for more than one person on a regular basis.


mattress sizes and dimensions

Twin XL Mattress Size

(38″ X 80″)

The Twin XL Mattress Dimensions are very similar to the normal Twin Mattress. The Twin XL has an added 5 inches in length. This makes it a great size for growing children. Instead of buying the next size up (Double), you can get the Twin XL. Due to its extended length, it costs more than the Twin, but can be a very wise investment if you are only looking for a new mattress based off the users growth. It is very similar to the Twin mattress. Therefore, its audience is almost one in the same. Often times this bed is used for teenagers and adults saving on room space. This is also a cheaper way to get a mattress that fits your needs. There are several pros and cons associated with selecting a mattress with Twin XL Mattress dimensions. Listed below are just a few.

The Pros and Cons of a Twin XL Size Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Twin XL is lower than a Double, Queen, King, Or California King.
  • This mattress size can be perfect for those who outgrow a Twin, but do not have the room space for a Queen size mattress.
  • If two growing children are sharing a room, two Twin XL mattresses will take up less space than upgrading to two Double mattresses.
  • The Twin XL can be found in many different qualities and price points.
  • Bunk beds can be found to fit the Twin XL mattress dimensions.


  • Most people will not have this size through their entire adult life so an upgrade to a larger size will eventually be made. Because mattresses can last for so long, it may be more economical to skip this size and invest in a larger size to begin with. However, it is a good replacement for the Twin.
  • This size mattress only fits one full size adult in most cases.


mattress sizes and dimensions twin

Twin Mattress Size

(38″ X 75″)

The Twin mattress dimensions are the smallest size available, not including toddler and infant size. This makes it the perfect size mattress for a young child no longer using a toddler mattress, growing adolescence, and/or single adults saving on room space. Due to its smaller size width and length, it is often used in dorm rooms and other spaces where more than one bed is in place. This makes it a lot less cramped in the room, allowing more space for other furniture and objects. Twin mattress dimensions are smaller and typically geared towards a younger audience, so they are often more affordable than larger mattresses. When deciding on which mattress one should purchase, there are many things to consider. A few potential pros and cons are listed below.  How these pros and cons impact each individual is really based on personal preference.

The Pros and Cons of a Twin Mattress Size


  • Generally the cost of a twin size mattress is less than that of a larger size, though prices can vary greatly depending on the quality selected.
  • Gives parents with young children the opportunity to provide a mattress that suits their needs, and is not “too big”.
  • Can be a very great investment for those with a smaller amount of space to allow for their bed
  • The Twin mattress dimensions measure approximately 38 inches wide and 75 inches in length.   
  • Available in both high quality and lower quality models.
  • Many bed frames that accommodate multiple children fit one or more twin size mattresses.
  • Twin bunk beds can save even more space and be a “fun” sleeping environment for children.


  • Often the length of a Twin mattress is not great enough to comfortably fit a full sized adult.
  • Twin mattresses are not ideal for more than one person sleeping at a time.


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