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February 1, 2017
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Preventing Late-Night Acid Reflux

We’ve all been there (and probably never want to go there again): we decide to eat a late night spicy appetizer before bed, and wake up at 1AM feeling like a fire’s been set in our esophagus. Our bodies were not designed to eat or consume liquid before laying our heads down for a nighttime slumber. As such, there are many ways to prevent acid reflux in the middle of sleep.

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux is quite literally the reflux of acid from our stomach up our esophagi. While lying down, gravity is able to assist in helping acid reflux worsen, and can bring the acids right up our throat and into the backs of our mouths. Our throats and mouths weren’t designed to carry acid, so the result is painful burns that feel like a fiery sensation.

3 ways to minimize acid reflux

  1. No late night snacking

We know those cookies and tater tots look awfully appealing late at night, but trust us, do not eat them. It simply isn’t worth it. Your stomach needs at least 3 hours of proper digestion to flush out the acid before you lay down.

  1. Smaller meals

Acid reflux is directly linked to people who eat big, uncomfortable meals and prevent the stomach from doing its regimented job. Smaller meals enable quicker digestion, and less acid floating around the stomach.

  1. Tilted bed

If you’re someone who can’t escape reflux, you may want to consider a tilted bed that puts gravity on your side at night. Our mattress selection can help with this kind of bedroom environment.

Don’t be afraid of acid reflux. Tackle it head on with the right bed and proper nighttime eating habits today.

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