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Split king adjustable bed brands

Dual Split King Adjustable Bed

The Split King Adjustable Bed base offers many advantages not only over traditional bed bases, but also over the other sizes available of adjustable beds.  So, what is a split king adjustable bed? The Split King Adjustable Bed is comprised of two individual bases that fit mattresses of the Twin XL size.  Together, these two bases create one large, King size sleeping arrangement, which is a great choice for many reasons.  Many people appreciate the fact that the Split King Adjustable Bed comes as two pieces, as it makes maneuvering around easier when moving the bed into the house, and around the house when rearranging.  Because the two pieces are able to be moved separately, the weight load is lightened for the move as well.  So the first major advantage of selecting a Split King Adjustable Bed size is seen from day one, when setting up the bed.

Another plus to the Split King Adjustable Bed is that since it is an adjustable bed, you can reap all of the benefits that an adjustable bed provides.  The adjustable positioning can provide relief for back pain, snoring, circulation issues and more.  The massage features available on many adjustable beds eases sore muscles, helps you de-stress, and contributes to improvements in multiple health issues as well as improvements in sleep.

split king adjustable bed brands

Rest Right Mattress offers the Split King Adjustable Bed at discount prices from major manufacturers such as Leggett & Platt, Glideaway, Ergomotion and Reverie.
Leggett and Platt Split king adjustable Bed

Leggett & Platt Split King Adjustable Bed

Shop Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds
Choose one of five models available from Leggett& Platt which are available in the Split King size.
Each has differing features so you are able to find the one that offers the features that you want most and also fits into your budget.  Leggett & Platt is a leader in the industry due to their understanding of sleep needs and their innovative advances.  Wallhugger technology is the result of a Leggett & Platt solution.  While there are variations of the Wallhugger, Leggett & Platt created the original.  Leggett & Platt exclusively offers the MicroHook Retention System.  This system secures your mattress in place using bands that attach to the mattress rather than using retainer bars.  This holds the mattress throughout position adjustments and keeps it right where it should be without utilizing retainer bars.  The nice thing about this MicroHook Retention System is that it can eliminate the need for retainer bars, therefore making the bed setup more appealing in appearance.

Brand Specific Feature: MicroHook™ Retention System
glideaway split king adjustable bed

Glideaway Comfort Base Split King Adjustable Bed

Shop Glideaway Adjustable Bed
Glideaway’s seven adjustable bed base models are each available in the Split King size as well.
The German-designed angle iron allows these Split King Adjustable Beds to be strong yet lightweight. Many offer Wallhugger technology and Sleep Enhancement Technology.  The Glideaway Elevation Adjustable Bed and the Glideaway Ascend Comfort Base Adjustable Bed have a patented Elevation feature that consists of dual lift motors which work together to elevate your sleeping experience.  Sleep Enhancement Technology boasts Total Body Vibration with waves, multiple degrees of intensity and timers.  This massage function acts in a way that relaxes you and also brings several benefits to a person’s body.  A great addition to your Split King Adjustable Bed, this feature can be customized to your individual desires.

Brand Specific Feature: Patented Elevate Lift Feature
reverie split king adjustable bed

Reverie Split King Adjustable Bed

Shop Reverie Adjustable Bed
Five models of Split King Adjustable Beds manufactured by Reverie are available from Rest Right Mattress at the best prices, each offering a multitude of benefits and functions.   The Reverie 9T model not only has an appealing appearance, but it also has many of the features you want.  From adjustable position and lumbar support to high definition massage, this adjustable bed has it all.  It also includes under bed lighting, USB ports, ProGrip technology, Zero Gravity, Anti-snore, a wireless charging station and more.  The removable side rails provide zero clearance and it’s also Bluetooth enabled.  To keep your mattress in perfect position, Reverie offers four corner retainer bars.

Brand Specific Feature: Patented 4 Corner Retaining Bars
ergomotion split king adjustable bed

Ergomotion Split King Adjustable Bed

Shop Ergmotion Adjustable Bed has great prices on four different Ergomotion Split King Adjustable Beds.  These beds have several neat features, each catering to varying interests and budgets.  Invest in an Ergomotion Split King Adjustable Bed with the attributes that you want like under bed lighting, USB ports and charging station, and the Zero Gravity position.  Many adjustable beds offer a Zero Gravity position which decreases pressure by elevating the head and feet.  This produces a “weightless” feeling and is helpful for people who have back pain and sore muscles.

split king rizeRize Split King Adjustable Bed

Shop Rize Adjustable Bed

Recently added to the Rest Right Mattress selection of split king adjustable beds are Rize models.  Rize adjustable beds are sturdy, strong and easy to use.  Focusing on options, Rize split king adjustable beds bring about a great number of features in each model.  Rize beds have options such as Massage, A/C power outlets, and LED lighting.  Plus, you can get Rize brand exclusives like Edge to Edge Lumbar Support and the Lounge Position.  Your well-being is protected with safety components like Gravity Release and Battery Backup.  Many split king adjustable beds in the Rize brand family, have also been safety tested and certified.

Split King Adjustable Bed Base Comparison

Glideaway Elevation comfort Base Adjustable BedWireless+App ControlsTwin XL, Queen, Split King, Split Cal KingYes
Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable BedWireless+App ControlsTwin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Split King, Split Cal KingYes
Reverie 9T Adjustable BedWireless+App ControlsTwin XL, Full, Queen,k Split Horizontal King, Split King, Split Cal KingYes
Ergomotion Softide 8300 Adjustable BedWireless Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King, Split Cal KingYes
Rize Cresta Adjustable BedWireless Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split King, Split Cal KingYes


split king adjustable bed features

Head and Foot Incline

The primary feature of all Split King Adjustable Beds is the head and foot incline adjustment features.  This allows customized positioning that helps you get comfortable.  Raise and lower your head until you find that perfect position then raise or lower your legs until comfortable.  This feature enables you to redistribute pressure and reduce pain. This feature is also beneficial for those who suffer from snoring, acid reflux, and more.

Adjustable Bed Remote and App Controls

Some models have a backlit wireless remote which makes seeing the buttons in the dark easier and provides mobility of the remote itself.  Other models are wired, for the person who doesn’t want to forget where they placed the remote.  Wired or wireless, some models offer Bluetooth capable remotes or phone apps that turn your phone into a remote.  This is available to work with an iPhone or an Android device.  Use your split king adjustable bed’s remote to activate your new adjustable bed’s massage features.



Split King Massage

split king adjustable bed massage

Massage functions are not available on every adjustable bed, so if this is an essential feature for you, make sure the one you select has it.  There are so many different options for massage features on adjustable bed bases, many models offer different types of massage as well as different intensity options.  For example, the Glideaway Ascend Adjustable Bed offers Sleep Enhancement Technology, which is a form of massage that utilizes a single vibe motor that is strategically positioned to afford your entire body a vibration.  The Reverie 8Q Foundation Adjustable Bed has three wave massage modes with ten levels of intensity, giving you the ability to truly customize your massage experience.  Some adjustable beds offer fewer intensity levels but come at a lower price, so depending on your particular preferences, you may choose one of those as well. No matter which adjustable bed with massage that you select, you will begin enjoying the benefits of massage.

split king adjustable bed wall-hugger

Wall-hugger/ Wall- Snuggler Engineering

Wallhugger technology means that your adjustable bed will move smoothly back as it raises so there is less space between the back of your bed and the wall.  This basically allows your body to be in the center of the motion and keeps you from moving away from your original placement as your head is raised.  The issue with models which do not have the Wallhugger technology is that they move a body away from the wall, and in turn, away from the nightstand.  Leggett & Platt’s Wallhugger Technology eliminates that issue.

Pillow Tilt Split King Adjustable Bed

Pillow Tilt is available on several models of Split King Adjustable Beds including the Leggett & Platt Prodigy, Ergomotion 8300, and Glideaway Elevation.  Glideaway tilts when raised.  Both Ergomotion as well as Leggett &Platt have an extra motor for the pillow tilt.  This allows the base to move up or down at the top without fully inclining.  This extra movement is an asset to the user as it adds customization to the adjustments.

Elevation Controls

split king adjustable bed elevation
The Glideaway Elevation Adjustable Bed has a patented Elevation feature that consists of dual lift motors which work together to elevate your sleeping experience.

Lumber Support Feature

split king adjustable bed lumber support
The Reverie 9T split king adjustable bed and Ergomotion 8300 split king adjustable bed both have a lumbar support feature.  This feature aligns with the spine and is adjustable by degrees resulting in less pressure and more support where you need it most.

AC Power Outlet

While USB ports are found on numerous brands of split king adjustable beds, Rize beds have A/C power outlets.  While both are handy for charging your phone or tablet, there is a difference between the two options.  With A/C power outlets, your split king adjustable beds can power regular appliances as well.  Plug in a nearby lamp and you can enjoy the added light.  Use the A/C outlet to power a fan and voila, you have some bedroom air control.  You can still plug in a handheld device so having the A/C power outlets is an all-in-one power solution.

Split King Adjustable Bed Movement Features

ModelsHead and Foot InclinePillow-Tilt Elevation ControlsLumber Support ControlsWall-Hugger/Wall Snuggler
Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base Adjustable BedYesYesYesNoYes
Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable BedYesYesNoNoYes
Reverie 9T Adjustable BedYesNoNoYesYes
Ergomotion Softide 8300 Adjustable BedYesYesNoYesYes
Rize Cresta Adjustable BedYesYesNoYesNo

Lifting Capacity For Split King Adjustable Bed

The total weight that an adjustable bed can lift is called the Lifting Capacity.  It is key to note that the specified weight listed of 850 pounds for the Traditional Split King Adjustable Bed is the lifting capacity for each base, not for the entire bed. The weight of the mattress is included in the weight that the base must lift and is therefore needed to be taken into consideration when determining your lift needs.

BrandsLifting CapacitySize
Glideaway 850 lbsSplit King
Leggett & Platt 850 lbsSplit King
Reverie 850 lbsSplit King
Ergomotion 850 lbsSplit King
Rize850 lbsSplit King

Do the Split King Adjustable Bed Sides Move Independently or Sync Together?

The Traditional Split King Adjustable Bed is actually two bases so those who sleep in this size adjustable bed will take pleasure in knowing that as one person moves around in the bed, or gets in and out of the bed, the other person’s sleep will remain uninterrupted.  Your partner will no longer wake you when they toss and turn or when they get up in the middle of the night and you will no longer wake your partner when you wake early for work, or vice versa.  This is definitely a benefit of the Split King Adjustable Bed that everyone seems to like.  The two separate sides of the Traditional Split King Adjustable Beds are able to move independently so one side can be inclined to a differing degree than the other side. This is beneficial so that both people resting can be in the position that is most comfortable for them individually, at the same time.  With the Traditional Split King Adjustable Bed, there is a sync cable that can be installed when assembling and used with the remote to allow the sides to move independent from each other or to sync and move the same.  The Horizontal Split King Adjustable Bed is two bases, but both sides must be adjusted to the same degree at all times which is good for the couple who likes to sleep or watch television at the same level.

Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base Adjustable Bed Review

Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base Split King adjustable bed
The Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base Adjustable bed base comes with the patented Elevation feature.  It is one of very few models to have it.  This feature makes use of two motors to elevate.  Dynamic Force affords the bed to be stronger as it raises.  With head and foot lifting and pillow tilt, the Elevation Comfort provides the position adjustability that you need.  It has a wall hugging design which keeps you in the center of the action when moving through the different adjustments.  During those adjustments, the motor is quieter due to the German engineered motor.  This model exclusively offers Bluetooth Stereo Speakers so you can play your favorite music right from your bed!  Listen to relaxing music to help you get in the mood for sleep, or rock out, that’s completely up to you.  The wireless remote is back-lit, used to program and work the two pre-set memory positions, Zero Gravity position, Anti-snore position, flashlight, LED under the bed lighting, as well as the upper and lower body incline and massage functions.  The massage properties on this particular model include four wave modes; low, medium, high and constant.  There are four levels of massage intensity and there are three timers to provide automatic shut off after you fall asleep.  Safety features include Zero Pull Force, Pinch Free Zones, Emergency Power Down and Power Surge Protection.  With an 800 pound weight capacity, this bed can lift up to 800 pounds, including the mattress.  There are many desirable features that come standard on the Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base Adjustable Bed, but one big draw is that this bed has a upscale appearance due to the recessed steel legs and charcoal upholstery with black faux leather accents

Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Review

Leggett and Platt Split King Adjustable Bed
There are many aspects of the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Split King Adjustable Bed that make it a prime choice. First off, the design is an attractive foundation style design using black furniture grade upholstery. The under bed lighting further enhances the ambiance this bed base brings forth. Moving on to functional characteristics, the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 deploys use of MicroHook technology which allows the bed to retain the positioning of the mattress as it moves through the multitude of available positions. Use the precise pillow tilt positions to add extra customization to your positioning. This bed comes with the capability to program two positions right from the wireless remote or take advantage of the Bluetooth controller app and make use of four programmable positions. This app is accessible for Android or Apple iOS devices. The bed even comes with four USB charging ports. The massage features at hand supply you with dual, full body massage with wave and are comprised with multiple programmable positions. Leggett & Platt incorporates its Wallhugger technology in all of its adjustable beds. This enables the bed to move nearer to the wall as the head inclines so that you are kept near the side table and/or remote. Getting to sleep has never been easier with the sleep timer, and waking up is not hard to do either when you make use of the Gentle Wake alarm. Safety is important to you and to Leggett & Platt, that’s why this model comes with Emergency Power-Down. If you are in the market for a Split King Adjustable Bed, the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 is definitely one to consider.

Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed Review

Reverie 9T Split king Adjustable Bed
It is clear that construction of the Reverie 9T Split King Adjustable Bed was done with quality in mind. The sleek design consists of grey upper upholstery and grey wood look lower body rails, deck on deck design. The 3-in-1 legs make even the height of this bed adjustable. This Bluetooth Smart enabled bed comes equipped with USB charging outlets and a portable wireless charging pad. Comfort settings and routines can be set to run automatically from the Nightstand app available for iOS. Pre-sets for Zero-gravity, Anti-snore, and flat positions compliment the infinite number of positions for head and foot adjustments. Two additional programmable positions are available as well. One thing that sets the Reverie 9T apart is the innovative lumbar support which utilizes a lumbar bar to facilitate adjustments by degree, giving you the power to put support exactly where it is needed. ProGrip technology virtually eliminates the need for retainer bars though they still come included with the bed and removable side rails capacitate zero clearance. The Reverie 9T Split King Adjustable Bed keeps your body central as it moves using Wallhugger technology, keeping the LED high resolution screened remote within arm’s reach so you can turn on the under bed nightlight. Enjoy the benefits of a high definition massage as the Reverie 9T Split King Adjustable Bed has four wave modes and a whopping ten degrees of intensity available.

Ergomotion Softide 8300 Adjustable Bed Review

Ergomotion Softide 8300 Split King Adjustable Bed
Split King Adjustable Beds can fit most standard bed frames, the Ergomotion Softide 8300 is no different. Control each side of this Split King Adjustable Bed using the king configurations. This model has six levels of massage with timers, wall saver, lumbar support and head tilt, all accessible through a wireless remote. Adjusting your position is simple with presets for Zero G, Relax and Flat positions. The Ergomotion Softide 8300 Split King Adjustable Bed also features LED lighting under the bed as well as two USB chargers on each side of the bed. The walnut wood legs measure eight inches, providing a taller height for the bed. A free fall motor design provides added safety.


Rize Cresta Adjustable Bed Review

rize cresta adjustable bed
The Rize Cresta is one of those split king adjustable beds that goes further when it comes to features.   It has two options included that are specific to Rize adjustable beds.  The lumbar support, Edge to Edge, utilizes a separate head piece.  The outcome is a direct bracing where it’s needed most.  This particular lumbar feature helps limit back discomfort.  Another unshared attribute that the Rize Cresta has over other brands, is the Lounge Position.  Dropping the legs transfers the pressure off of areas of the back in the Lounge Position.  These aspects both make Rize Cresta split king adjustable beds good for sufferers of back pain.  Getting rid of unnecessary pain is the first step in getting comfortable.  Next stop, massage!  Preference hugely impacts comfort and Rize Cresta split king adjustable beds give you more say so about your massage.  You have more choices; choices for where you want your massage targeted and how intense you’d like the massage.  With these split king adjustable beds you decide what’s most comfortable for you!  From comfort to convenience and the overlap.  A/C power outlets are located in the base on either side.  You can conveniently use these outlets to charge or power your electronics.  You can achieve comfort by using them to run a fan or additional lighting.  Nothing quite makes you as comfortable as feeling safe.  Not only does this bed come with Gravity Release, it also has Battery Backup.   You can rest assured that the electrical components in the Rize Cresta have been thoroughly tested for safety.  These split king adjustable beds are UL Certified and Energy Star Rated for efficiency.

Split King Mattress Vs King Mattress

The mattress setup on a split king adjustable bed can be done one of two ways.  A split king adjustable bed can fit either a king size mattress or two twin XL mattresses.  If you know that both sides of the bed will be set up to work the same programs simultaneously, a king size mattress will work.  Using the single king size mattress ensures there is no seam between sides.  However some people prefer to have the ability for each side of the split king adjustable bed to run programs individually.  For this, two twin XL mattresses side by side will work best.  Each side can be set to a different position at the same time.  When using two twin XL mattresses, you can also sync the two sides to operate together.  By choosing two twin XL mattresses for your split king adjustable bed you have more choices.  Rest Right Mattress has not only a large number of mattresses but we also have a variety of mattress types.  Memory foam mattresses from brands like Glideaway and Nature’s Sleep provide support and comfort with temperature regulation.  Eco-friendly iAdjust mattresses can lessen back pain and last for up to 30 years.  We have Sleeptronic pillowtop mattresses too.  Mattresses from Rest Right Mattress compliment your new split king adjustable bed.

Best Split King Adjustable Bed “The Decision”

Rest Right Mattress has a great variety of Split King Adjustable Beds from leading manufacturers in the industry.  Whether you elect for a Reverie, Glideaway, Leggett & Platt or Ergomotion model, we are confident you will be satisfied with your selection.  As you consider your options, take into account the many features available including massage, preset positions, USB charging stations, Bluetooth stereo speakers, pillow tilt, lumbar support, Wallhugger, under bed lighting, wireless or wired remote, head/foot incline and more.  It may be helpful to make a list of which aspects of a Split King Adjustable Bed are most essential to you.  If you have any special health considerations such as circulation issues or snoring, pay special attention to the features that can provide assistance with those issues.  From there you can eliminate the models that don’t have everything you want.  Then evaluate the remaining models for the extra features they have until you find the one that is the best fit.  This is an easy way for you to make the best decision for your specific wants and needs.

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