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What Is An Organic Latex Mattress? Knowing What to Look For!

what is an organic mattress


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What is an organic latex mattress? Organic latex is created using the sap of a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis.  To be called organic, the milky colored latex sap should be gathered organically using a source of sustainable energy.  This cuts down considerably on the chemicals emitted from the final product.  No fertilizers or pesticides are used during harvesting and the use of chemicals is omitted as well.


What makes an organic mattress great is not just what it’s made of; it’s what the mattress is made without.  An organic latex mattress is made without harmful chemicals or the use of processes that are detrimental to the environment.  These mattresses are not just good for those concerned with the environment.  Most can agree that an organic latex mattress is a good choice period.  When it comes to your safety, an organic latex mattress must meet or exceed standards beyond those of its inorganic counterparts.


A manufacturer will want to share with you if they have products which are developed from organic latex.  That’s because a lot goes into production.  From start to finish, organic latex mattresses must meet specific standards in order to be labeled Organic.  There are several Certifications that can be earned by a product.  Each Certification represents a set of thorough testing and safety assurance procedures that have been passed.  When a mattress has earned one or more of these badges, it is labeled and advertised as such.


The reasons to go organic are many.  To some, living organic has become a way of life.  How it got that way started with a desire to live cleaner, with fewer chemicals.  See, with many textiles there is an off gassing of chemicals.  Some of these chemicals are harmless, but some in large doses can cause problems.  There are great organizations that test and report on the chemical make-up of textiles.  However, there are acceptable amounts of substances allowed by legal regulations.  That’s why many people prefer to go with an organic latex mattress.  Certified organic latex mattresses have a sort of guarantee that they were tested and the testing came up with results that were within the standard of the certification.


What is an organic latex mattress certification used for? Certified organic mattresses, like the iAdjust all organic latex mattress carried by Rest Right Mattress, have been tested by specific organizations.  The iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress in particular, has been certified by standards of GOTS and GOLS.  It also has passed double safety testing to earn an Eco-Institut Certification.  TÜV Rheinland also tested and analyzed the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress for quality and safety.  Not only that, but the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress uses Dunlop latex sap that came from trees within FSC forests.

what is an organic mattressFSC FORESTS

These forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, are sustainably farmed with high environmental standards.  When a product uses the FSC service mark, it means that product was created using materials from a certified forest.

what is an organic mattressGOTS Certificaton

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.  To be GOTS certified, a textile must be made up of at least 70% organic material.  In addition to meeting this minimum standard, the textile has to meet other specifications.  GOTS determines what is organic latex mattress standards for each label.  The iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress available at Rest Right Mattress, exceeds the standard set for GOTS as it is constructed with 100% organic materials.

what is an organic mattress

GOLS Certification 

The Global Organic Latex Standard, or GOLS, is similar to the GOTS Certification.  It focuses on the presence of organic latex within a product.  As with GOTS, there is a minimum of 70% organic material to be certified but with GOLS, it is 70% organic latex.  There are several levels if you will, of GOLS.  Some certifications have a higher requirement. For example if a product’s GOLS label states it is made with or contains organic latex, the minimum composition is 95% organic latex.  If you want a 100% organic latex mattress, choose the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress from Rest Right Mattress.  It is a truly organic latex mattress.

what is an organic mattressECO-INSTITUT

To become an Eco-Institut tested product there are actually two phases of testing performed.  The first phase is conducted by a separate third-party organization.  Once the product has passed this testing, the Eco-Institut will perform its own.  The primary focus of the Eco-Institute is to rule out the presence of any dangerous chemicals.  Formaldehyde usage is analyzed as are a variety of other harmful chemicals including VOCS, phthalates and other pollutants.

what is an organic mattressOEKO-TEX Certification

The International Marketplace called for an emissions safety standard that would be consistent from country to country.  Effective testing procedures of emission safety criteria have made the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 a recognized industry standard.  When a mattress has this certification, it means it has been tested for multiple chemicals.  It has been evaluated for harmful chemicals as well as prohibited substances.  This is yet another certification that the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress has earned.

what is an organic mattressTÜV RHEINLAND

If you aren’t familiar with TUV Reinland, you should be.  Among other things, this organization performs comprehensive testing.  Its area of concern is directed at consumer safety overall.  Mattresses that undergo this testing, including the iAdjust Organic Latex Mattress that you see on the Rest Right Mattress website, are tested extensively.  Toxic chemical panels, performance quality and even flammability are tested.


A genuinely organic latex mattress is a purchase that you can be confident with.  The above is a good breakdown of the purpose of several types of Certifications.  Ultimately, the shared objective of each organization charged with certifying is to ensure consumers of the extent of safety.  They can provide a level of assurance for the end user.  Determining what is organic latex mattress production procedure is complex.  Companies that decide to manufacture organic latex mattresses go through multiple measures to establish they are in fact organic.  From the start the company process of collecting material must be done in a sustainable way.  After production, the product is meticulously tested in order to substantiate the claim of being organic.  Organic latex mattresses can be an appropriate choice for anyone looking to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure.  As a bonus, you can rest easy knowing your mattress was produced with concern for environmental responsibility.

which organic mattresss to buyShop iAdjust All Organic Latex Mattress


There are several options available with claims of being or containing “organic latex.”  To be certain you are choosing a truly organic latex mattress, note the Certifications.  If a mattress claims to be organic but lacks the Certifications to prove it, it may not be your best option.  Rest Right Mattress sells the iAdjust all organic latex mattress because it is 100% through and through organic latex.  It’s a great choice not only because it’s all-organic, but also because of its many beneficial advantages over traditional mattresses.  It is dust-mite, mildew and heat resistant.  It’s hypoallergenic.  Under normal use, this mattress can last longer than traditional pillowtop or foam mattresses.  There’s more!  Click here to learn more and get our best price on this 100% all organic latex mattress.

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