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Beds For GERD Suffereres-We Carry Adjustable Beds Built For GERD!

Beds for gerd sufferers

Beds For GERD Sufferers Elevation Comfort Base

beds for gerd sufferers elevation comfort base

Beds For GERD Sufferers Ascend Comfort Base

beds for gerd sufferers ascend adjustable bed

Beds for GERD Sufferers

Beds for GERD sufferers can help alleviate symptoms and reduce the occurrences of acid reflux.  To understand how beds for GERD sufferers can help, consider what GERD is and how it affects someone sleeping.  You might be surprised at how much improvement can be seen in symptoms when sleeping in beds for GERD sufferers.

What is GERD?

GERD is a common and irritating disorder that has numerous causes.  GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.  It is an official name used when a person experiences frequent bouts of acid reflux.  Stomach acid actually leaves the stomach and moves upward through the esophagus.  This can lead to uncomfortable irritation often described as a burning or heartburn.  It can also result in coughing, choking, chest discomfort and throat discomfort.  The cause of GERD can be any number of things.  The food in your diet, the amount of food in your diet, medical conditions such as hiatal hernia are just a few causes. Other things that can have an impact are smoking, laying down directly following a meal, excessive alcohol consumption and being overweight.  While making changes in your lifestyle can help and is recommended, beds for GERD sufferers can further reduce symptoms.

Why Beds for GERD Sufferers

As one sleeps, GERD can occur more often as gravity works against the disease.  Typically the sleeping position is a problem.  As a person lays flat, the gravity that assists keeping acid down during the day, is redirected.  This can actually increase the probability of acid reflux during the night.  Sleep is then interrupted by the resulting symptoms.  There are beds for GERD sufferers.  These beds help in multiple ways.  The primary goal is to combat the acid reflux.  As such, we want to raise the head.  The first way that beds for GERD sufferers helps is by offering an adjustable head position.  This helps for a couple reasons.  The elevation of your head creates an angle that allows gravity to work similarly to how it does during the day.  The acid is pushed downward in beds for GERD sufferers by the natural weight of gravity.  The angle also prevents the symptoms of GERD like coughing, choking and the burning feel.  These are good reasons to consider beds for GERD sufferers.  Fewer symptoms equates to more sound sleep and less interruption of the sleep cycle.  GERD symptoms can worsen if not managed properly.  The more the lining of the esophagus is exposed to stomach acid, the more it is damaged.  The symptoms then just get worse.  By using beds for GERD sufferers, you can reduce the exposure and therefore limit the damage.  So in a way these beds can help now as well as later.

Rest Right Mattress offers many beds for GERD sufferers.  A few that are especially helpful include the Glideaway Elevation and Ascend models.  Rest Right Mattress can help you find beds for GERD sufferers with extra features or fewer for less.  The Glideaway Elevation beds for GERD sufferers works better than some of the other adjustable beds for this condition.  The reason being, the Elevation model has two elevation aspects.  First, it has a complete range of head and foot positioning with pillow tilt.  Second, the base itself actually elevates.  These beds for GERD sufferers allow you to precisely pick the position that will help your GERD symptoms.  Plus they allow you the most comfortable sleep position.  The Glideaway Ascend also has this second elevate feature.    These beds for GERD sufferers work exactly the same as the Elevation model.  However, the Ascend comes with fewer additional features of an adjustable bed, so the cost is lower.  The difference between the two beds for GERD sufferers is that the Ascend lacks Wallhugger, USB ports and speakers.

  beds for gerd sufferers elevation comfort base

Glideaway Elevation

The Glideaway Elevation are great adjustable beds for GERD sufferers.  They have the needed head positioning and Elevation feature to raise the upper body plus many more features.  It also has foot positioning, an efficient lift system, LED under bed lighting, and USB charging stations on both sides.  A pulsating massage function has multiple modes and intensity levels plus timers!  These beds for GERD sufferers have a premium look, highlights include deck on deck design and recessed steel legs.  Exclusive to the Glideaway Elevation are Bluetooth Stereo Speakers built in.  Programmable positions offer added convenience.  This complete adjustable bed can not only provide relief to those with GERD, but it can bring class and comfort to your sleep situation.

beds for gerd sufferers ascend adjustable bed

Glideaway Ascend

If the primary purpose of getting a bed is GERD relief, the Ascend will do the trick at a great price.  It is one of only a few to have the Elevation feature and head positioning.  There is a lot more to these beds for GERD sufferers though.  Use the wireless remote to access the benefits of massage or program your favorite positions.  Now with the touch of a button you can get back to that perfect position each night.  High end materials compliment the durable construction of these adjustable beds for GERD sufferers.

One of the reasons that Rest Right Mattress went into business was to help people.  The owner Jesse Crow founded the company when he saw how much sleep products could help people who live in pain.  There are many people who can see dramatic sleep improvements with use of quality bed products.  Adjustable beds are not just beds for GERD sufferers, they can also help with chronic back pain.  We want help you find a bed or mattress that will improve your life.  Feel free to contact us directly to speak to a specialist about your concerns.  A real, honest to goodness person will talk with you to learn about your needs and help you find the best solution.  Family is important to us and at Rest Right Mattress, we will always treat you like family.

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