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Adjustable Beds with Lumbar Support

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There are a few options at Rest Right Mattress if you are looking for an adjustable bed with lumbar support. Lumbar support is support related to the lower back. This portion of the back is often referred to as the lumbar region. It is one area of common back pain for a number of reasons; poor posture being one of them. An adjustable bed with lumbar support specifically enhances the support of this area. Better alignment of the back can help to relieve back pain. Muscles in the lower back must work hard throughout the day as a person sits, walks, and moves without support. Having an adjustable bed with lumbar support to assist with this allows the muscles to relax. It can also work to potentially alleviate pain associated with the constant pressure. Each adjustable bed with lumbar support uses a different system to deliver this support. Below are a few options we carry. Notice that each is outfitted with a different method of supplying the support. Check each one out to see which will work best for you.



Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed with Lumber Support lumber support adjustable beds Reverie 9T

The Reverie 9T adjustable bed with lumbar support features a unique lumbar design. A separate support system specific to the lumbar is central to the foundation. You can use it as you enjoy any position because it is separate from the head and foot sections. A shorter, thinner, flap-like support structure works to yield lower spine support. It can be adapted to support the natural curvature of your lower back. The lumbar support can be precisely adjusted down to the degree. This enables you to locate the setting that will fully match your personal support needs. All you have to do is press a button on the remote to move the support up or down a degree at a time. If you want to you can even save the setting in the Reverie 9T Smartphone App. When you do so, you can conveniently access the same position again next time. This is one of Reverie’s most inclusive models so it makes sense that it has lumbar support down to a definite and specific measure.




Ergomotion 8300 Adjustable Bed with Lumber Support lumber support adjustable beds Ergomotion 8300

Reduce the tension in your lower back with this adjustable bed with lumbar support. The Ergomotion 8300 utilizes a bar system to achieve support for the lumbar region. A click of a button on the wireless remote will get it moving. You can access a supported position quickly and with no effort. It’s easy to use and produces desirable outcomes. By removing part of the pressure that is put on this part of your spine, you can possibly relieve nerve pain, such as sciatic. Even if you don’t have pain currently, using a support system can be beneficial. Many people experience back pain at one time or another. Being proactive and using back support might even help prevent pain from developing down the line. The bar system is just the second type of system on an adjustable bed with lumbar support. At Rest Right Mattress, we offer several adjustable beds, each with one of three different mechanisms for lumbar support.




Rize Cresta Adjustable Bed with Lumber Supportlumber support adjustable beds Rize Cresta

An adjustable bed with lumbar support that goes edge to edge, the Rize Cresta is a good choice. This adjustable bed with lumbar support is created by Mantua Manufacturing. It’s available at Rest Right Mattress for a great price. There is an entire section of this adjustable bed that is separated. In addition to offering multiple positions, this allows for a dedicated motion that results in lumbar support. Because this support extends from edge to edge you can maintain the support as you move. You can make use of this feature to target back pain. By having the lower back reinforced, your back muscles can rest, making you more comfortable. Once in the flat position, the Rize Cresta can be adjusted for lumbar support. What occurs next is the head section, which typically elevates from the top, will rise from the bottom. This meets the curve of your lower back to enable muscle relaxation in that area. The result is relaxation and comfort.

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