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October 17, 2017
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Full size adjustable bed cover

Full Size Adjustable Beds

The right full size adjustable bed for you is here at Rest Right Mattress.  There are many reasons to select a full size adjustable bed versus another size.  The bed frame for a full size adjustable bed is smaller than a Queen, King or California King. Though smaller than other sizes, it is still adequate size for an adult.  Since the size is smaller than others made with adults in mind, it tends to cost less.  A full size adjustable frame is a space saver.  You can set it up in a smaller room and it is also easier to move around than a larger bed.  Additionally, moving a child up to a full size as he or she grows, can provide the extra space needed.

full size-adjustable-bed-brands-300x55

At Rest Right Mattress, we carry four different full size adjustable bed brands.  This means you have more choices.  Each brand has its own characteristics that make its adjustable beds unique.

Reverie Full Size Adjustable Bed

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Reverie full size adjustable beds have all the same great features of other sizes.  A proprietary steel design provides durability.  Depending on which model you choose, you can get a combination of features you are sure to enjoy.  The capability to precisely calibrate the lumbar support is available on some models.  Choose the model with your perfect mix of features from a long list of available options.  Massage, ambient lighting, and Bluetooth technology are just a few of the options you’ll find in a Reverie full size adjustable bed.

Glideaway Comfort Base Full Size Adjustable Bed

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With a large assortment of features, Glideaway full size adjustable beds are definitely worth checking out.  One of the functions exclusive to Glideaway, is the Elevation Feature.  This technology takes your head and foot incline to another level by use of two lifting motors.

Leggett & Platt Full Size Adjustable Bed

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Leggett & Platt is defined by its innovation.  Full size adjustable beds from Leggett & Platt are the result of cumulative research and development.  These beds feature multiple technological advances in the adjustable bed industry.  WallHugger, LP Connect, LP Safety, and more can be found in the full size adjustable bed selection.

Ergomotion  Full Size Adjustable Bed

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Known for ergonomic support, an Ergomotion full size adjustable bed provides you with a supportive night’s sleep.  Enhanced functionality and pleasing to the eye, these adjustable beds are a popular choice.

Head/Foot Incline

When you look at all the choices available for a full size adjustable bed, you might note one thing.  Head and foot articulation is among the most common feature.  It is the basic makeup of an adjustable bed.  However, not all head and foot incline is created equal.  Many models come equipped with automatic pre-set positions.  This means by pressing a button on the control, you can move into a beneficial position.  Pre-sets that are often included in models which have them are anti-snore, zero gravity and flat positions.  Another difference between models is the ability to program your own head and foot positions.  Models with this capability may offer anywhere between two and four programmable positions.   There are many reasons why you might want to program your own positions.  Convenience of returning to that position night after night without having to “find” it again is the primary purpose.  The pre-sets available each offer their own service.  Anti-snore you might guess helps alleviate the cause of snoring by creating a slight elevation which opens up airways.  Zero-gravity on your full size adjustable bed will transfer the pressure you feel on your back.


full size adjustable bed app


Technological progress has made it possible for you to control your full size adjustable bed in various ways.  Some models furnish you with a wired-in remote.  This type of control is great to keep one from losing the remote.  Wireless remotes are increasingly popular and available on most full size adjustable beds.  Plus now, many models have Bluetooth technology.  This technology allows you to control your bed right from your phone!  App controls may even offer you additional options in some cases.  For example, some models with app controls increase the number of programmable positions with use of the app.


Pillow Tilt

Accenting your head and foot positioning is the pillow tilt feature.  Full size adjustable beds can have one of two distinct types of pillow tilt.  Either the pillow tilt is automatic as part of the regular head incline, or it is an individual movement.  When pillow tilt on your full size adjustable bed is its own movement, it’s controlled separate from other functions.  It has its own dedicated control on the remote.  When this is the case, the pillow tilt also has its own motor.  The major advantage of this is there are more customization possibilities.



full size adjustable-bed-massage Massage is no longer considered a frivolous way to indulge.  There is so much evidence from multiple studies that suggest massage provides health benefits.  Your full size adjustable bed can provide you a way to access those benefits!  You won’t see massage on every model, so be careful to examine the features of each model.  Also, each model that has massage operation, offers a varying mix of massage options.  Total Body Vibration is one type of massage while wave modes are another.  Levels of intensity are also an aspect of massage function to review.  Some models have a few levels while others have up to ten.


full size adjustable-bed-wall-hugger-1


WallHugger is a term you will see over and over in your search for the perfect full size adjustable bed.  Many times people don’t know what this is until midway through their search.  WallHugger technology keeps your bed mattress and you close to the wall throughout movement.  By gliding the bed frame back as you are raised up, you are kept close to the bed table.  WallHugger and similar features, are available on a variety of models.




full size adjustable bed reverie-5D

Reverie 5D Full Size Adjustable Bed

The Reverie 5D Full Size Adjustable Bed comes with wireless remote, App controls and Bluetooth technology.  It has a whopping ten levels of full body massage intensity and three pre-programmed position pre-sets.  This model has the major features that most people prefer at a reasonable price.





full size adjustable bed Navigate2-1__6-2

Glideaway Navigate 2.0 Comfort Base Full Size Adjustable Bed

Multiple safety features come standard on the Glideaway Navigate Full Size Adjustable Bed.  Zero Pull, ForcePinch Free Zones, Emergency Power Down, and Power Surge Protection help protect you from injury and damage.  All of the most popular features are also included; head/foot incline, massage, a programmable position, and pre-sets.  A premium design and upscale fabric make this adjustable bed eye catching.




full size adjustable bed Simplicity-3.0_prodsite

Leggett and Platt Simplicity Full Size Adjustable Bed

Under the bed lighting and a slim profile compliment the many features of the Leggett & Platt Simplicity.  This full size adjustable bed comes with position adjustability, massage and pre-sets for zero-gravity, flat and anti-snore.




full size adjustable bed 5100

Ergomotion 5100 Full Size Adjustable Bed

Rest Right Mattress has four full size adjustable beds from Ergomotion, including the Ergomotion Softide 5100. This bed frame boasts a wireless remote control and USB chargers on both sides of the base.  It has six massage levels with timers as well as three pre-programmed positions.




Full Size Adjustable Bed “The Decision”

Once you have selected the full size adjustable bed that best meets your needs, check out our selection of mattresses.  Rest Right Mattress carries memory foam, latex, and pillowtop mattresses from leading manufactures.  Choosing your adjustable bed and mattress doesn’t have to be time consuming.  There is a lot of information to consider, and we want to make it easier for you.  Give us a call with any questions or let us know what you need so we can point you in the direction of the best products for you.  This will save you time.  We will always treat you like family.  Saving you time and money while supplying you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.  That is the Rest Right Mattress difference.

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