Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses

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iAdjust Organic and Nature series mattresses are made with 100% natural Dunlop Latex. The iAdjust Organic series also meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is GOLS certified (Global Organic Latex Standards). iAdjust products are hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant — not to mention that latex mattresses are very comfortable!
iAdjust gives you the ability to change the comfort levels of your mattress by simply adjusting the order of all 3 all natural or organic layers of Latex inside your mattress. Each iAdjust layer is cut in half giving each individual personal comfort

Brasiliensis plant

Latex mattresses are the only true “no-compromise” organic bed.
Made from natural rubber tapped from rubber trees grown in the tropics, latex is naturally pest resistant

iAdjust Natural Latex Mattress and Organic Mattress

The natural latex mattress and organic mattress are made from latex that originates from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. So, how can a mattress come from a tree?  The tree grows in abundance in tropical climates, and is tapped for the sap , which is harvested for its latex. Both the natural latex mattress and organic mattress is made from Dunlop which is the traditional method for making latex mattresses.

Sleeping on a Latex Mattress

Both the natural latex mattress and organic mattress you can adjust each layer to fit your personal comfort level.  On the Queen, King, and California King, each side has its own 3 layers of latex.  So you and your partner can mix and match your layers to get the support that works best for you. Do you have allergies? The natural and organic mattress are both antimicrobial, repels dust mites and mildew, and is water and heat resistant.  Each mattress is breathable and circulate air and further enhances the relief of pressure on your lower back.  Lets not forget,  latex mattresses are really comfortable!!!!

Is a Latex Mattress Right For You?

If you are a investment minded person, a latex mattress is a great choice since latex mattresses last 20 to 30 years.   A person with aches and pains prefer a latex mattress for reason being able to adjust the layer to match their personal comfort. If you’re Eco friendly, a latex mattress is a prefect choice since they are made from tropical trees with no emissions. Thus will satisfy any Eco friendly person. Do you want the best quality latex mattress? iAdjust is a great choice. Their latex mattresses stand out because of the quality to detail. They know how much sleep is important. When buying an iAdjust, you can rest assure you have quality.