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Nature’s Sleep Mattress Product Line
April 12, 2017
Ergomotion softide 5100 adjustable bed
Ergomotion Softide 5100 Experience Comfort with the Adjustable Bed Base
April 19, 2017
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Ergomotion Softide 8300 Savor the Comfort Experience with our Adjustable Bed Base

Ergomotion Softide 8300 adjustable bed

Ergomotion Softide 8300 Adjustable Bed

Nothing is more important to the success, productivity, and fluidity of your day than sleep. Though we often toss it to the side when schedules get hectic and busy, investing in your sleep is the best thing you could do for your health, career, and family life. The Ergomotion Softide 8300 adjustable bed is a way to invest in your sleep.

Investing in a bed that will help you relax and sleep better than you ever have before will do wonders for life as you know it. We have a bed that we expertly recommend to those looking to transform their sleeping routine into that of a never-ending spa experience.

Introducing the  Ergomotion Softide 8300 Adjustable Base from Ergomotion. This bed base delivers functional design with a contemporary style that will complement most bedroom layouts and aesthetics today. Setting it apart from the competition, this product comes with massage settings and presets to make sure your sleep is the best you’ve ever had.

Taking it a step further, the bed comes with a wireless remote that offers pre-settings from Zero G to help the body maximize circulation while alleviating pressure placed on lower backs. For maximum convenience, the remote can even be paired to televisions for changing channels and turning the TV center on and off. Plus, you can even keep your electronic devices fully charged with USB chargers available on either sides of the base.

For those more interested in the massage features,  Ergomotion Softide 8300 can be set to different times and contains six different levels to run the two motors. The twin size models have two motors, while the queen and full models come with a whopping four motors.

And of course, as an adjustable bed, the Ergomotion Softide 8300 has a head tilt function and lumbar area that offers smooth power lifting features for quiet and effective transitions between angles. Never suffer from acid reflux and other sleep-related problems again.

Considering buying one? Check out our product listing today.



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