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September 22, 2017
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Reverie 7T Foundation Adjustable bed

Reverie 7T foundation adjustable bed comes equipped with a number of luxury features. Reverie has been around and knows how much sleep is important. They want you to have the ultimate sleep experience. For this reason, the 7T adjustable bed comes with Bluetooth technology, night light, and wall snuggler features. The Bluetooth technology allows for easy control of your adjustable bed. You can control your adjustable bed from your phone or wireless remote. The remote has four programmable positions to have the prefect custom position. Do you wake up before your loved ones?  The night light will help your loved one sleep longer without waking them. With this feature, it will light of the floor instead of turning on the bedroom light. Many wonder what is the wall snuggler feature? This feature allows minimum space from the wall to the adjustable bed when fully raised. How does the wall snuggler work? It simply slides back while the Reverie 7T adjustable bed is raising up. This is a feature is great for someone that needs the night stand within reach.

What is the ProGrip technology on the Reverie 7T adjustable bed? ProGrip technology replaces the traditional retaining bar. It keeps the mattress from slipping off the adjustable base. Both the retaining bar and ProGrip technology comes with the Reverie 7T foundation adjustable base. Maybe you have a modern day decor. With this ProGrip technology, it fits both modern and the more traditional decor. Not only does the ProGrip technology look great, it is both functional and a great looking.

Are you one that needs different heights? Each Reverie 7T foundation adjustable bed comes with three height adjustments.The adjustments levels are 3 inches, 5.25 inches, and 8.25 inches. This works great for someone that later decides they want thicker or thinner mattress that needs to adjust the height. The adjustable legs is an extra feature that takes custom to a whole new level.


  • Safety stop
  • Power down feature to protect against electrical surges
  • Bluetooth technology that works with your smart phone
  • Four programmable positions
  • 10 levels of massage with four levels of waves
  • Three preset position flat, zero-gravity, and anti-snore
  • Night light
  • ProGrip technology


  • Adjustable legs (3”, 5.25”, 8.25”)
  • Retainer bars and headboard brackets included.
  • Removable side rails with zero clearance


  • OLED remote control with high resolution screen
  • Programmable positions
  • Massage control
  • 3 preset controls
  • Head and foot controls


  • 20 year limited warranty

Available sizes: twin XL, full, Queen, Split King, Split California King,

Rest Right Mattress has many different models of Reverie products, so you can have the sleep experience you deserve.

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