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What is USDA Organic Mattress?

what is USDA Organic mattress

What is USDA Organic Mattress?

What is USDA Organic Mattress? Ever wondered what is USDA Mattress in comparison to one that does not carry the label?  USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture.  This organization is the ultimate authority over Certified Organic labeling in the United States.  In order to use the label “USDA Certified Organic” a product must meet certain criteria.  Materials or substances used in production, in addition to the production methods themselves, are both considered.  For example, if a product is produced using genetic engineering, it will not be able to become certified organic.  There is a long list of prohibited substances, much too long to list here.  However, on the list you’ll find things like arsenic and lead salts.  There are also limits on the amounts of certain substances permitted.

Understanding the USDA Labeling

Requirements for labeling and what is USDA Organic Mattress requirement in general can be confusing.  That’s why the USDA has strict guidelines and a system for checking products that make the claim.  In fact, agencies who wish to use the USDA Certified Organic seal must allow on-site visits to examine production operations.  Organic production must be updated annually after initially being established.

How Does the USDA Labeling Helps You?

Think about what is USDA Organic Mattress benefit for you.  These regulations help consumers know that products are legit organic.  They also bring about many benefits to the environment and community.  Organic farming leads to improved water quality and soil health as well as energy conservation and increased biodiversity.  Organic agriculture has helped communities create jobs too which has improved economies in rural areas.  Perhaps the most important benefit that directly applies to consumers is the safeguard guarantee.  When you purchase a USDA Certified Organic Mattress you get that the product does not contain specific chemicals.  You also get the peace of mind that the organic claim is backed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Now You Know What USDA Means

You may have not previously known the answer to “What is USDA Organic Mattress?” but now you know.  If you are looking for a organic mattress, Rest Right Mattress carries the iAdjust Organic Mattress.  This mattress carries multiple certifications including GOLS and GOTS.  GOLS is the abbreviation for Global Organic Latex Standards.  GOTS means Global Organic Textile Standards.  It is also OEKO-TEX Certified, meeting and exceeding regulations for harmful substance emission limits.  It was produced from materials that were attained via responsible forestry and carries the Forest Stewardship Council service mark.  That’s not all either.  Check out the product page to learn more about this organic mattress.

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