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Effects Of Music On Sleep

Effects of music on sleep

Effects Of Music On Sleep

While there are many opinions on whether or not music helps one sleep better, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the affect of music on your sleep can be positive. Listening to relaxing music at bedtime can lead to improved sleep quality. Improved sleep quality in this sense is measured by how quickly one falls asleep, how uninterrupted sleep is throughout the night and how restful one feels their sleep was upon waking. Forty five minutes of listening to calming music before sleeping can result in these improvements for adults. A study published by the National Institutes of Health examined 94 young adults and the effect of music on sleep over a three week period. During this investigation, they compared sleep results between three groups of people; a control group, a group that listened to audio books, and a group that listened to music prior to sleeping. This study found that the effects of music on sleep is that it aids in reduction of sleep problems. These aren’t the only studies that have been done to determine the effects of music on sleep. There have been so many done, that the International Journal of Nursing Studies has performed a meta-analysis review of ten studies involving over 500 participants. The review concluded that music can help people with sleep issues.

Now there is a unique feature available on an adjustable bed to help you gain the positive effect of music on sleep. The Glideaway Elevation Comfort Base available now at Rest Right Mattress, has built in Bluetooth Stereo Speakers. This feature will permit you to listen to your favorite relaxing music before sleep. Not only will this allow your body to benefit from the calming affect of music on your sleep, but it is also a nice addition for creating a mood in your bedroom. Listen to whatever music that you like, because the choice is yours!

Another feature that is unique to this model is the Elevation Feature. This patented feature is only available from Glideaway and here at Rest Right Mattress, we are proud to offer such a quality product. The Elevation feature uses dual lift motors to take your sleep to the next level.

These are just two of many features that makes this adjustable bed a good investment. Everyone needs sleep and many people struggle to get the quantity and quality that they would like to achieve. If music helps you relax and wind down at the end of the day, playing some through your Bluetooth Stereo Speakers might be just what you need to improve your sleep. While there are many studies available to support the positive effects of music on sleep, what works for you is what matters most. Maybe classical music isn’t what helps you relax, that’s ok too because you can use your device to play any music you like through your new adjustable bed.

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