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Even if you’re not someone with chronic acid reflux problems, we all experience it once or twice in our lives when we eat a late night, spicy meal a little too close to going to bed. This incredibly uncomfortable, burning sensation can keep you up all through the night, and contribute to esophagitis and other throat-related problems.

Acid reflux and sleep are two closely related topics. Sleep can cause further acid reflux if no angle is used while sleeping. But, with the proper sleep solutions, it can also help remediate the acid reflux problems causing discomfort in the afflicted person.

Causes of acid reflux

The reasons why some people develop acid reflux over others is poorly understood, but different types of trigger activities and foods can bring it about in just about anyone. Foods that contribute include: tomato-based foods, fatty foods, spicy foods, carbonated beverages, citrus, chocolate, caffeine, onions, garlic, and peppermint. Additionally, eating large meals at a time, especially right before bed, will seriously trigger the GERD/acid-related discomforts.


Since sleep is so closely tied to acid reflux, it’s important to invest in quality sleep materials and carefully constructed mattresses for monitoring your reflux. At our Rest Right Mattress, we offer a variety elevated mattresses that can provide the necessary lift to keep your esophagus clear of acid all night. Adjustable beds allow individuals to adjust their side of the bed to their preference, so the partner can sleep at what angle they desire.

We can show you mattresses of varying support leverage depending on your severity of acid reflux. We have firm, soft, multi-layered, and many other styles that will accommodate and help you remediate your reflux.

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